Guy’s Greek Odyssey – Dallaglio Flintoff Cycle Slam 2012

On the 23rd April, our MD Guy will be cycling from Olympia in Greece on a gruelling five-day journey travelling some 352 miles at altitude gains of up to 11,673 feet. He will be in good company, however, as he will be riding alongside sporting legends Lawrence Dallaglio and Freddie Flintoff.

Dallaglio Flintoff Cycle Slam

Supported by Virgin Media, the ‘‘Dallaglio Flintoff Cycle Slam,” now in its second year, is poised to succeed in hitting its fundraising target of £2.012m.

Guy will be participating in the first phase of the 22-day challenge. The total journey will take the riders through Italy, across the Swiss Alps and through France, before reaching London on the 18th May.

Each rider has committed to raise £3,000 and Guy is already well over raising a tenth of his personal target. From the responses he has received so far from friends, family, colleagues and business associates, he remains positive that he will achieve his financial goal.

Fantastic UK causes

All of the money raised will help fund some fantastic UK causes, including the Dallaglio Foundation, a major prostate cancer project; the AF Foundation, a charity that supports children’s rehabilitation physiotherapy units; and Virgin Unite.

Virgin Unite is a not-for-profit foundation that helps young people in the UK to increase their opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship, as well as tackling other issues affecting them.

Guy is currently in training for his arduous journey which will involve cycling through the undulating Greek countryside. As an experienced cyclist who regularly rides from his home in Martley to his place of work in Hallow, he is conscious of the epic challenge that lies ahead.

“As wide as a pencil”

He said: “I’m really looking forward to taking part in this charity event as it’s further than I’ve ever cycled before, and all for a good cause. I also wanted to do something memorable to mark my 50th birthday this year – and prove to myself that I’m still capable of pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, even if that does mean sitting for 30-odd hours non-stop on a saddle that’s as wide as a pencil!”

When Guy told me what he was doing I definitely thought he was having some kind of mid-life crisis, particularly as his half-century birthday is imminent. My view would be: “Why not just start wearing a gold medallion and unbuttoning the top three buttons of your shirt? Or even treat yourself to a nice holiday with Saga?” But some people just love adventure – along with pain and suffering.

Being serious, everyone here at Postcode Anywhere really admires his spirit of adventure and particularly his resolve to want to do something so challenging to support three very worthy causes.

Support Guy and visit the giving page

If you feel you would like to support Guy and help him to achieve his fund raising target, please visit:

Alternatively, we are having a collection to buy him a gold medallion, to which you are welcome to contribute.