Giving blood to help save lives and improve the quality of life for many

Ten brave employees at Postcode Anywhere lined up on one of the hottest days of the year to gallantly give their blood to the NHS Blood and Transplant service.

The Bloodmobile, located in Worcester City Centre’s Methodist Church, deployed its army of nurses and blood technicians welcoming both new and existing donors to its open doors on the 30th June.


The NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is a Special Health Authority in England and Wales accountable to the Department of Health, which is responsible for supplying blood, organs and related services to the NHS.

Our office manager Philippa Jaine, who is a veteran blood donor, rallied the Postcode Anywhere troops in order that we could qualify as a group booking. She worked really hard in helping to influence the workforce that giving blood is a really fantastic thing to do.


Encouraging businesses and other organisations to consider group bookings is a relatively new concept for NHSBT, who are constantly looking to find more innovative ways of getting people to donate blood. As a vital service which is typically only ever considered when it is most needed, it is an ongoing challenge to maintain adequate blood supplies.


Although Philippa did a fantastic job in getting her colleagues to participate in giving blood she had the full support of Postcode Anywhere’s CEO Guy Mucklow who is also a regular blood donor and keen to encourage his employees to do the same. He said: “Like many people I was aware of the great work that is done by the NHS to manage our blood stocks, but, I had never bothered to stick my hand up to volunteer. However, I spoke to a friend of mine who discovered that he had a mild form of Leukaemia through donating blood and he got me to think about how I could contribute.

“I am really delighted that a number of my colleagues have joined me in the process. It is a very small price to pay for what is an invaluable service, excellently run by the NHSBT. I hope that other businesses will follow our example.”

It is commonly known that blood is literally a lifesaver for accident victims or people who need it to help them survive treatments and operations. But for some, whose illness has no cure, a blood transfusion can help to improve their quality of life and also extend it.


Karen Healy, Senior Marketing Coordinator at NHS Blood and Transplant said: “It’s great that Postcode Anywhere are getting on board and supporting us by encouraging their employees to donate. As the summer approaches we welcome new and existing donors to take the time to donate blood and help keep stocks healthy.

“We can promise them a warm welcome and the satisfaction of knowing that their life-saving donation will be used to help people.

“Giving blood should take less than an hour from arriving at your appointment time to completing your donation. So make the time to give blood, you never know whose life you could save.”