Ghost, Ghouls, Super Heroes and the odd military despot

What fun we had on Halloween. There was an amazing display of costumes from vampires, witches, a full complement of superheroes and even a sinister looking Russian soldier, who had come in from the cold presumably.


Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is not the pagan celebration that most people believe it to be as in fact its early origins link to Christianity. It is the eve of All Hallows’ Day, a time in the Liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead including saints, martyrs and hallows (the devoutly holy).


We decided to dress up in true Postcode Anywhere tradition to raise money for a good cause. Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion, particularly as Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day or Armistice Day, is not far away and are charities that we believe are well worth supporting. As we were not unanimous in our choices for a theme we decided that a Heroes, Heroines and Halloween Villains event would be a great compromise.


There were some fantastic costumes unbelievably innovative and often outrageous. My particular favourites were Sir Bradley Wiggins, portrayed by our Finance Director Ed Moseley who’s a keen biking enthusiast. His Bradley signature side burns were apparently made of carpet which left him a little itchy by the end of the day. My colleague and PR buddy Natalie made a fabulous villainously beautiful Black Swan and Kristine from the customer support team dressed as a realistic Ghost Buster. We’re not  sure whether she actually busted anyone and to be fair there were lots for her to choose from but she’s just too nice.


Super heroes Thor and Captain America (The Avengers) graced the office with their larger than life presence and did battle with Dracula and few other discerning ghouls. There was also an obliging Pumpkin who took photographs as well as a rather incongruous but very friendly Lady Bird but we’re still unsure of its identity.

The person who won the Best Costume award was Mary Hughes for her portrayal of Regan the possessed female adolescent from the classic horror film The Exorcist. Well done Mary although it does seem to have gone to her ‘fully rotating’ head as she insisted on her colleague Sophie making a short video of her acceptance speech, graciously remembering to thank her hairdresser and make-up artist.


Coming a close second was Mandy from our accounts department who was a convincing Girl with the Dragon Tattoo complete with piercings and body decorations. Sharing second place with Mandy was PR’s Black Swan Natalie who celebrated by performing an impromptu but impressive Fouetté en tournant.

 Pumpkin Rolling Ten Pin Bowling

Mark Hunaban smashed this in the boys’ event, a clear and decisive winner he amassed a staggering  80 points bowling two pumpkins without inflicting even a scratch on the delicate orange bowls.  Ralph Ashby came a very close second scoring 70.  Mark won a massive tub of Haribo that had already been sabotaged (is nothing sacred) but then very benevolently shared the rest of the contents with his colleagues. Fame obviously hasn’t gone to his head unlike some!


The girls’ event was won by Alison Brundle with 50 points. Well done Alison and Gemma Britton and Kay Perrin secured joint second place with a respectable 40 points. Girl power is on the up at Postcode Anywhere so watch out boys.


What a great day we had and totting up the funds raised including the company match funding, we raised £220 and had bucket loads of fun along the way.

  • Ricky Skipper

    Looks a pretty scary ensemble to me.Well done Angie you certainly “Deliver the goods Greg”
    To paraphrase a well known TV Show