Getting your online forms, on form – great examples of Capture+ implementations

A well designed form makes it easy for a visitor to your site to complete the desired action. Get it wrong and it can be a major barrier in turning that visitor into a lifelong customer.

At PCA Predict we know a thing or two when it comes to optimising ecommerce checkouts for conversion. I’ve gathered together some of the best examples of our customers using Capture+. The examples range from the straight forward integrations for Magento to highly customised integrations – which, I hasten to add, to the end customer are still really simple and easy to use. The common theme throughout is that they are all optimised to give the customer the best user experience and convert the sale.

Cowshed – form filling which doesn’t take too long

As a fan of international beauty retailer Cowshed products myself, I was very excited to learn they had recently become a customer. The integration of Capture+ is clean and simple and in keeping with the aesthetics of the website and beauty products.

In step one of four of Cowshed’s online checkout; visitors quickly see the form filling won’t take too long. In a single address bar users enter their postcode, street or address and Capture+ instantly displays results, narrowing down as the user types and with one click the form is auto-completed. Capture+ is flexible and the option is there to adapt the address if needed.

Overall I think the implementation of Capture+ in Cowshed’s ecommerce site is very effective, ensuring the best UX and therefore happy customers. I’ll certainly be purchasing a few extra treats!




Dune – global retailer keeps it simple

Global fashion footwear and accessories retailer Dune take a slightly different approach. The integration here binds the search to all of the address fields and as soon as you start to type in the address field, Capture+ kicks in, again allowing the user to auto-complete their address with one click.

The good news is that if you want to select different delivery and billing addresses , Capture+ has been implemented into both forms, making it easier to do so.

The beauty of Capture+ is the flexibility of being able to match to the look and feel of your site, even the fonts can be customised with our API (and we’ll even allow Comic Sans if you insist!).


Travel Republic – using clever colour

For some of our customers adding an element of their own branding is an important feature of the customisation – it ensures the brand is emphasised at every opportunity – even in the checkout. In Travel Republic’s checkout, Capture+ has been completely customised to fit the styling of the site, and to help highlight the correct address. This is achieved through the use of hexadecimal colour codes, simple branding goes a long way in instilling customer confidence in the Travel Republic checkout.


Barbour – user friendly approach

Address lookup is fairly well known these days and many of our customers have fed back to us that the way in which Capture+ works is pretty intuitive and reflective of how you would normally write an address. But it’s important not to forget that we all shop differently. Understanding this, quintessential British retailer Barbour, have taken the extra step and customised their integration of Capture+ in what I think is a really user-friendly way.

At the checkout you’ll find a separate address bar at the top of the addressing form highlighted as ‘Address Finder’ along with a short instruction. There is also the option to enter manually if required.


Tatty Devine – the one step checkout

Emily, a member of our design team, could be solely responsible for the success of our next customer, Tatty Devine. Every day, before Emily arrives at PCA HQ, she posts a picture of the ‘Tatty’ she has chosen for the day from the independent British jewellery designers on Instagram, sharing it with the thousands of other fans. For companies such as Tatty Devine who have a fast growing social following, its vital the online checkout works perfectly.

Capture+ has been integrated with Tatty Devine’s Magento checkout and uses the latest searching available for the UK. Tatty also uses the third party module, One Step Checkout, available from Magento Connect – where you can also find the Capture+ extension by PCA Predict. The great thing about this is that we’ve added support into our module so it will work seamlessly out of the box without any additional setup steps.


 If you’ve got a favourite example then let us know, we love to hear from happy Capture+ users and customers.