Getting to know all about you – Extending a warm welcome to our neighbours at New College

What a great day we spent recently with the students and teaching professionals from New College Worcester.

We hosted a Technology Taster Day event which was devised to help our visitors learn about the skills and attitudes required should they wish to consider career opportunities within the technology sector.

New College Worcester is a national residential college for young people aged 11 to 19 who are blind or partially sighted. The visit was arranged as part of the students’ careers awareness study which links into their Citizenship programme.


Postcode Anywhere was delighted to host the event with their own objectives which were to give the students a ‘fun packed’ activity that would deliver a range of educational benefits and learning outcomes.  As a company we are keen to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects as a key employer in the technology sector.

Our CEO Guy Mucklow believes that is important for young people to learn about the skills, attitudes and qualifications required to work in the technology sector. As a major recruiter he is keen to encourage STEM education as a vital part of the UK’s effort to remain ahead in a highly competitive global market place.

He said: ”It’s the first time we have invited a school group along to the business since we moved into our new corporate headquarters and it was  great to extend a warm welcome to the New College students and accompanying teaching professionals.

“I think we set out to dispel the myth that technology is far from boring and that also we don’t just employ technical people. We have an energetic and creative marketing team who put together an exciting business challenge for the students. I’m glad to say we fulfilled the event’s pre-set objectives.”

The students arrived at lunch time and enjoyed and informal session where they participated in a fun Guess Who? quiz.  It provided a series of profiles relating to famous global entrepreneurs including Sir Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar and from the other side of the Atlantic Bill Gates and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. It was a fantastically lively quiz and the New College students rose to the challenge and got every single question right.

After completing the quiz, the students were divided into groups where they worked with members of the marketing team on a Christmas credit top-up e-shot challenge. They were then required to present their creative mock-ups to Postcode Anywhere’s judges, namely chief operations officer Emma Stone and senior marketing manager Rob Willis. It was a difficult decision for them as there were aspects from both presentations that were both relevant and creative.


Cathy Wright from New College worked closely with Postcode Anywhere to come up with a learning activity that was meaningful and informative. Part of the day was devised to help students gain an understanding of the different organisations and companies that contribute to the economic sustainability and prosperity of the area.

She said: “The students thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Postcode Anywhere, right from the start with the delicious lunch they were served, to the brilliant business challenge devised by Angela and her team. They were all able to access the activity and every student was able to make a contribution to the task. The students will now be able to think about a career in the technology sector.”

After the challenge and plenary session where prizes were awarded to both teams, the students boarded their school bus and said goodbye to their new friends at Postcode Anywhere. We felt a little sad to see them go as they were such charming “fun” loving guests.


We all had such a fabulous time and the students worked so hard. They produced some stunning work which truly inspired the marketing team so much that they intend to take some of their ideas and utlise them in certain aspects of our marketing communications. Now we have established a relationship with New College we are looking forward to building on it and developing it in the future.