Getting Older… and Finally Moving Out!

There comes a point when growing up, where you have to start thinking a bit more carefully about your appearances.

And just like a teenager starts worrying about how they look, and thinking about leaving home (or perhaps that’s not so applicable any more!), so the adolescent business thinks about the impression they create for customers and the employees they look to attract.

With that in mind, we’ll soon be leaving our office in rural Hallow – which has done us so well during those first ten years of growing pains – to enter a new landmark building in the city of Worcester.

We’ll be sharing a city with Lea and Perrins sauce, Worcester Bosch, and one of the UK’s fastest-growing universities. We’ll also be standing toe-to-toe with memories of the city’s previous inhabitants Royal Worcester Porcelain, and of course Elgar. And we want to build on every success and learn from every failure.

Water surprise

The new building is at the heart of Diglis basin, and to get into the spirit of things we’ve even acquired a canal boat for all our staff to use on their holidays. (It’s amazing how much more focussed our development team has become at the thought of walking the plank if our beta testers find even a hint of inefficient code.)

We’re in the privileged position to still be growing at a phenomenal rate after ten years in the industry, and we now have a bit of extra legroom to match our ambitious plans for future growth.

The teenager has definitely grown up, but we think we’re just hitting our stride. The pimples may have gone, but we’re most definitely here to stay!