The team at Postcode Anywhere make their faces funny for money

What a great day we had on Friday 13th March. An unlucky day for some of course  but extremely lucky for us at Postcode Anywhere as we heartily threw ourselves into yet another fund raising challenge; Red Nose Day.

This year’s campaign theme was Make Your Face Funny for Money and without exception everyone embraced the comedic challenge, well most people anyway. The developers rarely participate in our more inane fund raising events but to be fair you could say most of them have got a head start given the theme.

A sea of funny faces

There was a veritable exhibition of funny faces from the whacky to the humorous to the geeky. My particular favourite was Emily Hilton who not only had convincing face make-up but was authentically dressed as a builder’s mate with the most realistic designer stubble ever. Emily always immerses herself totally into things with an enthusiasm and her record remains unsurpassed.

Other stars included customer services adviser Cassy De Cap who was bright green from head to toe which was quite timely for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Needless to say she’s now been renamed the Green Goddess.

Leading up to the day was the selling of Red Noses and a bake-a-thon. This was very successful as one or two of our avid bakers brought in lovely cakes for sale and sample of course. Delicious albeit very calorific!  Among our star bakers were Postcode Anywhere children Katie Rhead and Verity Jaine who both baked stunning cakes raising yet even more money.

Well done Katie and Verity for your very accomplished baking efforts. Your cakes have helped us to raise an amazing £435, with the help of a little funding from Postcode Anywhere’s CSR budget. You should be very proud as your contribution will help lots of children in both the UK and the rest of the world who are less fortunate than yourselves and endure terrible hardships caused by poverty, sickness and more often than not the aftermath of war or military conflict.

Other highlights and activities on the 13th March included a ‘funny face photo booth’. People who paid a £1 could wear humorous props such as moustaches, funny glasses, big ears and noses and wigs to complete the capturing of comedic images as a memento of the day.

My PR buddy Natalie Green won the Make Your Face Funny for Money sweepstake. Well done Natalie she accepted her cash prize as graciously as she could wearing a blonde wig and pantomime dame false eyelashes.

Having fun to support a good cause

We had a lot of fun but really there is also a more serious side to Red Nose Day and our fund raising activities.

Comic Relief cash can make such a difference

Founded in 1985 by comedy script writer Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry  in response to Famine in Ethiopia the charity Comic Relief continues to go from strength to strength.

The charity states that its aim is to “bring about positive and lasting change in the lives of poor and disadvantaged people, which we believe requires investing in work that addresses people’s immediate needs as well as tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice”.

To date the Red Nose Day appeal including Comic relief and Sports Relief has raised a total of over £1bn.

None of this would have been possible without the amazing support of the public, partner organisations and the many celebrities that has helped it along the way.

Comic Relief has been able to create a real difference to the lives of individuals, communities and the issues it strives to tackle at home and overseas. At Postcode Anywhere arguably our contribution is small in the grand scheme of things but we also provide support by the provision of discounted  services to MyDonate BT’s free online fund raising service. All in all we feel very proud of our philanthropic efforts.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped to make the event successful. Special thanks to Philippa Jaine, Mandy Young for collecting in the money without the aid of a baseball bat, Natalie Green and Emily Hilton for their help and support.