Even the Sun had his hat on for our ‘Hats for Headway’ event

We had such fun recently when we held our ‘Hats for Headway’ charity event at Waterside where the sun shone relentlessly as Postcode Anywhere’s team wore their favourite headgear.

‘Hats for Headway’ is a campaign devised by the brain injury charity Headway to coincide with Action for Brain Injury Week which this year took place towards the end of May.

It was decided to support ‘Hats for Headway’ as we have several employees who have personally been affected by having someone close to them who have sustained a serious head injury or a brain related condition such as a stroke or brain tumour.

Headway (National Head Injuries Association) is a charity that we were keen to support. Its mission is to promote an understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers.




Headway’s origins

Headway’s story began in 1979 when Sir Neville Butterworth placed an advert in a national newspaper seeking holiday accommodation for his brain injured son. Dinhah Minton and her husband Barry, themselves carers, responded and the three of them set out to ascertain what support, if any, existed.

Around the same time, two social workers, Philip Lockhart in Birmingham and Reg Talbott in Nottingham, also contacted Sir Neville. The five agreed to call a meeting for all those involved in the care of brain-injured people. A total of 23 carers and professionals attended a meeting on October 23rd 1979 and Headway was engendered.

Keeping our heads through serious fund raising activities

At Postcode Anywhere we pride ourselves on our fundraising and CSR activities but more than that we support each other in the work place. Needless to say when Kristine Young, who works in our customer services advisor team, told us about the amazing support her husband Rob received after a serious road accident which resulted in a brain injury, we were only too happy to support the idea.




Supporting each other both in and outside of the workplace

It also transpired that other colleagues had either first-hand experience of family members suffering strokes or aneurisms, myself included.

Needless to say we all embraced the challenge of wearing the most creative and inventive headgear with some of us going the extra mile.




Fancy a knitted take-away?

Our technical support consultant Cassy DeCap won first prize for the best hat which was a noodle carton containing woolen noodles and a stunning pink, highly authentic, knitted prawn and chopsticks. Well done Cassy and enjoy your champagne which was well deserved for your stunning culinary creation.




Sarah Jones our online marketing executive won the raffle prize which was a luxury M&S food hamper. We had an amazing day and raised £220 for Headway. A huge well done to all.


An unexpected surprise for our CEO

Talking of our CSR activities, Postcode Anywhere’s CEO Guy Mucklow was proud to have been presented with the Institute of Directors, West Midlands, CSR award . What a week it’s been for us here at Postcode Anywhere, as Guy would be first to admit that all our successes are accomplished through our efforts as a cohesive and effective team all working together to achieve amazing results.