‘Eggsercise’ is definitely good for you

Our PR and communications executive Natalie Green has been very busy organising our latest charity appeal which we have done to support our new neighbours, PF2 health and fitness clubs.

PF2 have been gathering Easter eggs, which will eventually be distributed to sick children at  Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the children and young adults ward at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital provides general health care services to children in Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond. It specialises in liver transplantation, cardiac, neonatal surgery, burns treatment, renal care and leukaemia research. It also hosts the West Midlands Regional Centre for Cleft Lip and Palate patients, providing a multi-disciplinary service for speech and language therapy, dental, orthodontics, maxillofacial, plastic surgery and psychology. It is currently the only hospital in the UK to carry out intestinal transplants in children.

Worcestershire Royal Hospital also has an extensive children and young adults department providing a range of general health care services to children in Worcester and other parts of Worcestershire.

We thought PF2’s Easter Egg appeal is a lovely idea and for us at Postcode Anywhere it’s an opportunity to make friends with our new neighbours as well as supporting a really good cause. Anyone who has been in hospital during a holiday period will tell you how miserable it is, and for children and their parents it must be terribly distressing.

Postcode Anywhere already has a corporate membership at PF2’s Diglis fitness club as having facilities close to the company’s new office is a real incentive for employees to keep fit and active.

Managing director Guy Mucklow admits that when the company decided to relocate its office from the outskirts of the town to Diglis Basin, a healthy lifestyle was at the forefront of the new set-up.

He said: “We are really happy to report that after just a month at our new waterside office, over a third of employees have signed up to the subsidised membership. We also believe in economic sustainability and think it’s important to support our business community as well as local charities of course.”

“We’d like to thank everyone who donated and thank you to PF2 gym for organising this campaign.”

Richard Noble, managing director of PF2 said he was overwhelmed by the level of support received by the local business community.

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the surrounding companies and local community. This is a fantastic amount, and will certainly put a smile of the children’s faces.

“Every parent experiencing a child that has had to stay in hospital for any length of time knows what a heart wrenching time it can be for both parties. Delivering Easter eggs to children that have to be hospitalised over the holiday period may be a small gesture in itself, but one that will be much appreciated.”

As an incentive to give generously, PF2 has waived the joining fee for new members throughout March and April at both the Malvern and Worcester health clubs for anyone donating Easter eggs.

PF2 are currently totting up the Easter eggs collected to date, and in total it amounts to over 100, which is quite staggering. There are still donations coming in so we are all very positive that we will exceed this figure, and we’ll keep everyone posted.