Woof! Wood Fuel use PCA Predict to reduce missed deliveries

Woof! Wood Fuel is an independent family run business, specialising in ready-to-burn wood fuel including Blazers fuel logs. Established in 2008, they have a wide selection of natural, sustainable and renewable non-fossil based solid fuels for domestic heating. All of their wood fuel is 100% natural and sustainable, with no artificial chemicals or synthetic binders. 

When oil prices rose a few years ago, wood burning stove sales increased by 40% – and in a flash, I thought, “Where’s all the wood coming from?”

People like the romance of a fire, but we’re not a wooded country and people don’t realise how much wood they consume; you can easily get through the equivalent of an acre of woodland every year. My wife and I decided to set up Woof! Wood Fuel to meet this need through an online shop selling sustainably-sourced logs.

When things go wrong it’s expensive for any business. Incorrect addresses which result in missed deliveries are a classic example of this. If it happens, the number of hours you then spend on the phone just chasing people up can cost a fortune. This is on top of a double charge from the delivery company and the potential loss of business.

It’s amazing how many people make a typo, or spell their road incorrectly, when filling out forms online. In the early days before we used address validation, some deliveries could go astray. The idea that we might send something out only for it not to arrive is not good in business. Even if 2% of our deliveries were to go awry, the effect would be huge – we simply wouldn’t be able to cover £50-£60 for every wrong delivery.

Address auto-fill stops failed deliveries from happening. Since using PCA Predict, we haven’t had a single wrong address or delivery failure from over 2,000 orders.

PCA Predict immediately gives you credibility.  It shows your company is reliable. It speaks to the customer and tells them you’ve got a sophisticated system in place to help them and protect their delivery – just as sophisticated as your security company or bank. The RomanCart integration worked a treat too and we haven’t had any problems at all.

Our businesses is six or seven times bigger than it was this time last year, and PCA Predict has played an important part in that. As the company has grown, the admin surrounding incorrect addresses would have been unmanageable without address management to eliminate them. Having these things in place has allowed our company to mature.

– Will Lloyd, founder, Woof! Wood Fuel