Wiggly Wigglers combat delivery rates with PCA Predict

Marrying the old with the new, Wiggly Wigglers is an award-winning internet business selling a range of gardening products out of their farm in rural Herefordshire.

We’re still a small business with thirty-odd staff, but we were a tiny company when we set out.

We’ve grown a lot in the last few years. The catalyst was when the foot-and-mouth crisis struck in 2001: everywhere was shutting down and losing stock. There were only a few of us back then, and I can remember us looking at each other and saying “what are we going to do?”

The farm inspired us to buy products off farmers and market them to gardeners – helping us and helping the farmers at the same time.

Without technology we wouldn’t be here. We live in a village with 63 people, and three times more cows than villagers. Internet-based services let us connect with our customers – most of which aren’t in Herefordshire. It’s the only way we could operate.

Address lookup is an important tool for us. We moved to PCA Predict from another supplier because the multi-platform product was ideal.

It’s a local company too, which is nice. When we changed over, I think it took about a day.

Because PCA Predict is web-based, it means we can tap into it wherever we are. You can use the system at home, in the office, or out and about – wherever there’s an internet connection.

We had all the usual problems before using postcode lookup: addresses that didn’t make sense; mail bouncing back; and incorrect postcodes causing problems with the carrier company, because they weren’t on their system.

There’s a lot more love in the workplace since we started using PCA Predict!

It was a massive and costly hassle just to get some parcels out. And who’s going to blame who for inaccurate addresses? Is it the carrier? Is it the despatch department? Or is the problem in the office, where someone didn’t put the address in properly? There’s a lot more love in the workplace since we started using PCA Predict!

PCA Predict’s Address data is fresh and accurate, it’s cost-effective, and there are just no issues. We use it to deal with all systems here.

The benefits are huge. Say we’re running a questionnaire, and we end up with 15,000 records to put into our database. I wouldn’t dream of attempting that without postcode lookup software: it would take weeks. With PCA Predict it takes only hours.

Ask anyone in the office whether they would go without it, and you’d hear a resounding “no.” If you don’t have it, you don’t know what you’re missing – but if you do have it, you couldn’t do without it. PCA Predict sits there, and it just works and lets us get on with the job.

– Heather Gorringe, founder, Wiggly Wigglers