Virgin Holidays improve the booking process with PCA Predict


Virgin Holidays is a long-haul travel tour operator offering a range of exotic world-wide holiday destinations including the Caribbean, the Middle and Far East, Australasia and Southern Africa.

Virgin Holidays has been in existence since 1985 and caters for around 300,000 customers a year. The company is passionate about creating the best holidays in the world and going that extra mile to make sure their customers get exactly they want, the way they want it.

The business need

Virgin Holidays needed to ensure that customer address details are accurate at the point of entry – expediting the booking process as well as capturing clean data for further marketing activity.They chose PCA Predict as their address look-up software.

PCA Predict makes online booking quicker and easier for our customers. The benefits extend beyond usability for customers: it’s simple to implement and ensures address data accuracy.

Why PCA Predict?

  • Web-based service means no waiting for CD-ROM downloads i.e. rapid data capture
  • Service embeds in web page quicker and easier which makes the introduction of new pages far more simple
  • Software integrates seamlessly with other applications
  • Excellent and responsive help desk and technical support


  • The retrieval of accurate, clean data means that invoices go to the right person at the correct address which speeds up the payment process
  • Reductions in undelivered mail and therefore costs
  • The online booking service is completely user-friendly, which means there’s a higher enquiry-to-sales conversion ratio
  • Customers experience a good online service and are more likely to book again and recommend Virgin Holidays to friends and family
  • Accurate and continuously updated data is retrieved for CRM system providing an essential and effective marketing tool
  • Error reduction and increased efficiency instils confidence in customers that their personal data is protected

The bottom line

Virgin Holidays’ Website Operations Manager, Steve Evans, commented: “PCA Predict’s integration has enabled us to make our online booking process quicker and easier for our customers. The benefits for us extend beyond usability for our customers as it is a simple process for us to implement and ensures the accuracy of the address data that we capture.”