Student shipping experts Uni Baggage use PCA Predict’s Capture+ to validate international delivery addresses

Uni Baggage are experts at student shipping. The company will collect customers’ excess baggage and deliver it to anywhere in the world, saving students the pain of moving their belongings each term and the high cost of excess baggage fees.  Acting as a broker between the customer and courier services; a successful business model was achieved by adopting a pragmatic solution supported by PCA Predict’s address validation tool, Capture+.

As the business grew, we were shipping to over 200 countries and 50% of our volume of business was coming from overseas in Europe and the United States. This necessitated the need for us to manually validate customer addresses because the courier we used would not process inaccurate address data, we had to make sure it matched their validation system by hand. This meant we had staff inputting address data when they could be focusing on other areas of the business. International address formats are very complicated and vary dramatically from country-to-country so this caused a significant waste of resource for us as a start-up company.


We have a well-established postcode system in the UK where people are likely to know their postcode but in other parts of the world, it’s not the same. For example in the US ZIP codes are a lot more complex using many digits making it difficult for the user to recall, especially as students move around they may not always know their full address information. Capture+ works intuitively by recognising any address fragment.

Before Capture + we were experiencing half of our addresses bouncing back.

Before the deployment of Capture +, we were experiencing probably half of our addresses bouncing back, which meant they needed a lot of manual intervention.

I did some extensive research around other vendors and to be honest PCA Predict seemed to provide the best option for us and specifically Capture+ because of its international capability. Not just that but we were impressed by the way it works through its API and its ease of integration – i.e. it’s compatible with almost everything including legacy systems. This made it by far the best solution available in the marketplace and we also felt PCA Predict upheld strong ethical values.

Capture+ is competitively priced, easy to integrate and therefore accessible to lots of smaller companies, allowing them to compete with larger competitors such as Amazon in terms of customer experience at address inputs.

The biggest thing for us is the costs we’ve saved from having to key in addresses manually. I would calculate that we have seen an improvement from a staggering 50% to a nominal 2% which has saved so much time, enabling staff to focus on other important issues within the business.

– Paul Stewart, Managing Director, Uni Baggage