Traveltek uses address validation and payment validation from PCA Predict to ensure their customers have a positive online experience

Traveltek is an industry leading provider of complete online solutions for the travel sector. Their services include web-design encompassing booking and transactional capability, XML interfaces, dynamic packaging, data manipulation and CRM systems. Clients include such well known High-Street brands as Thomas Cook, Cosmos Holidays, Advantage Travel Centres and the Midlands and Leeds Co-operative travel branches as well as high profile travel websites such as and Airmiles. Through the application of cutting-edge technology they create booking and CRM systems for flights (low-cost and legacy), hotels, cruises, car parking and transfers, from the “no frills” end of the market to the five-star plus segment.

The business need

With the advent of competition the travel sector is very much consumer-led, which means that airlines, tour operators, travel agents and other affinity sectors are constantly challenged to deliver competitive prices without compromising quality.

Automation and technological optimisation to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs is therefore crucial. Traveltek uses address validation and Payment Validation from PCA Predict to ensure their customers have a positive experience.

With the high level of automation required by customers’ websites to deliver online travel services, the capturing of accurate and instant consumer data is essential, resulting in a range of operational and commercial benefits being passed on to Traveltek’s customers and ultimately the end user (consumer). Usability is still key to the online visitor and it is essential for them to have a good experience, and it’s important to remember that there are still consumers out there that do not know their postcode.

Why PCA Predict?

  • Instant installation (no need to use CD-ROMs etc.)
  • Intuitive – compatible with other software packages
  • Automatic updates
  • Online portal easy to understand – installer friendly
  • Fully automated 24/7 support centre for developers and installers


  • A greater rate of enquiries to actual sales conversions
  • The correlation between address matching and credit card details resulting in reducing rejected payments
  • Promotes credibility integrity factors
  • A quicker, less frustrating experience for the consumer, i.e. a reduction in those consumers aborting their transaction and going elsewhere
  • Greater automation leads to cost savings
  • Clean data can be utilised for proactive marketing/CRM activities

The bottom line

Kenny Picken, Traveltek’s managing director, commented: “PCA Predict is a great supplier, competitively priced and reinforced by an excellent back-up service. What differentiates them from other providers is that their software does exactly what it says on the tin.”