Signiture Balloons improve their online checkout with PCA Predict

Signature Balloons is a family-run business offering a wide range of balloons and balloon-related products. They produce printed balloons and provide an online ordering facility through their website for other balloons, balloon accessories and various helium products. Their list of customers includes BBC, B&Q, John Lewis direct, Volvo and Macmillan Cancer Research.

Operating out of the New Forest in Hampshire, customer service is of prime importance to their business. The staff at Signature Balloons wanted to offer their customers a simple, speedy and efficient checkout process when using the online shop on their website. PCA Predict provides a solution for this.

The business need

We wanted to offer our customers a simple, speedy and efficient checkout process. One of our criteria was for our customers to not have to enter their full address. PCA Predict provided us with the best option for this and at a good price.

PCA Predict provided us with the best option at a good price.

Why PCA Predict?

Our mission is to provide the best possible service to our customers. PCA Predict help us achieve our mission by providing a user-friendly and simple checkout process for our customers.


Using this checkout process also reduces basket abandonment rates, which means more sales are generated because more customers proceed to purchase.

In terms of time saving we calculated that each telephone order placed using the service probably equates to one-to-two minutes per order. This means the time spent taking the order is reduced by up to 30%.

We found it very easy to integrate the service into our existing system. We have received lots of positive comments from our customers about the PCA Predict service. Customers have given feedback on the ease of use of our site with particular reference to the fact they like not having to enter their address details.

Our staff have responded really well to the service provided by PCA Predict. It has made their job of taking telephone orders much easier. It also means time is saved because all of the address details don’t have to be entered.

The bottom line

We have found the service provided by PCA Predict great. We like the simplicity of using it and we have found their billing systems very efficient.