Rimmer Brothers use address auto-fill to make it easier for their customers to enter their details

Rimmer Brothers is a British car-part company that really is owned by two brothers named Rimmer. Bill and Graham started their business from humble beginnings in the early 1980s, and it has grown to be one of the leading organisations of its kind in the world, supplying parts worldwide to an ever-increasing list of customers. Both Bill and Graham still work full-time in the business, helped now by over 60 members of staff.

We aim to give the best possible parts service to car owners worldwide. Our overall objective is to achieve customer satisfaction at all times, and invest heavily in stock and technology in order to deliver this. The main qualification of working for Rimmer Brothers is a recognition that our customers, and our company reputation, depend on our ability to get every aspect of our service right first time.

We updated our website to help offer our customers a better service, and realised it was time to look at our address auto-fill. We needed to have it on the site, since it makes it so much easier for customers to fill out their details. But we knew there were better options out there, with better technology and better service, for a more affordable price. Switching providers always seems a hassle, and it can be easier to stay with what you’ve got. But with the new website, our customer database started from scratch, so it was the perfect time to start as we meant to go on.

If I’d have known how easy it was to make the switch we might have done it a while back I did take a good look at various options on the market, and PCA Predict (then Postcode Anywhere) was the obvious choice for me. It does what it says on the tin. Ultimately, once you’ve ticked all the boxes for what you need – reliable service from a company that’s been around a while – it comes down to cost.

And for half the price of some of the competition, it offers better technology, daily data updates and clear, concise, accurate addresses.

Surprisingly, it was simple to integrate the service as well. In fact, if I’d have known how easy it was to make the switch we might have done it a while back.

But on top of this, the level of service offered by PCA Predict has been exceptional. Queries are answered quickly, and I’ve been taken aback at how friendly and helpful the support team are. They’ve certainly gone the extra mile for us in the past – they’re very, very good.

In our experience, PCA Predict is wonderful, it does exactly what it’s supposed to, and the team are simply nice people to deal with.

– Richard Caunt, General Manager, Rimmer Brothers