OneBill Telecom ( saves time and money with address validation technology from PCA Predict

OneBill Telecom is an independent telecommunications company that provides a complete range of telecommunication services to residential and business customers, including small office and home office users. It is part of the OneBill Group plc and is headquartered in Worthing, West Sussex. The company’s success and ethos is based on their commitment to raising standards and lowering costs. This is achieved by using technology to automate customer service activities.

The automated order processing and customer service tools used by OneBill staff are made available to customers via the website, enabling them to carry out online self-service. Because customer self-service lowers operational costs, the tariffs offered by are the lowest on the market.

An efficient, user-friendly service: PCA Predict is streets ahead of other data capture vendors. Takes a tenth of the time to install compared with the current industry leader’s product.

The business need

Operating a completely automated service, OneBill quickly recognised the importance of having access to clean, accurate customer data. Using both address validation and Payment Validation from PCA Predict, OneBill saves both time and money while giving the customer a good online experience.

Why PCA Predict?

  • Takes a tenth of the time to install compared with the current industry leader’s product
  • Online portal, highly automated and easy to understand
  • Automatic updates (with excess of 100,000 monthly changes to PAF)
  • Fully automated support centre for developers and installers
  • Integrates seamlessly with other data platforms


  • Capturing clean, and well formatted data, saving time and customer frustration
  • The retrieval of accurate address data enables a good-quality letter to be sent out to customers within 24 hours of online registration (important, as during the cooling-off period it’s likely their existing providers will try and entice them back)
  • The validation of bank and credit card details saves money and time in reducing rejected payments
  • The customer gains confidence and trust as they know their personal details are in safe hands
  • The quick response via a tactile communication endorses and enhances the company’s brand integrity

The bottom line

OneBill Commercial Director Ben Giddings commented: “PCA Predict’s service is very much based on the same guiding principles that we apply: a shared ethos of allowing customers complete access to information, simply and quickly. A totally automated business model that delivers an efficient online, user-friendly service is not easy to achieve, but when it works successfully, it’s glorious. Forgive the pun, but in my opinion PCA Predict is streets ahead of other data capture vendors.”