Man City Football Club use our address verification app for Salesforce to prevent tickets from being sent to the wrong address

Former Premier League champions, Man City Football Club, use PCA Predict address verification plugin for Salesforce CRM to support postal delivery. The address validation service increases the speed of contact data entry and ensures the accuracy of any details entered, preventing tickets and other orders from being dispatched to the wrong address.

Primarily we needed a reliable postcode validation service for our managed call centre to deal with our ticket sales via our CRM. We have a fantastically loyal fan base and looking after our fans is vitally important to us.

The service allows our call centre management operatives to be more efficient and productive and mitigates the risk of tickets being sent to the wrong address. This is not only costly, as we have to rectify the problem, but can be emotionally devastating for our fans.

Capturing clean customer data is a core objective that many businesses strive for and they are likely to be among the more successful ones.

It’s all about giving our supporters a really good user experience. Our loyal fans are the lifeblood of the Club: looking after them is our number one priority, on or off the pitch.

We looked at a range of competitor products, but felt that PCA Predict was the best product in terms of the ease of its technical integration, compatibility with and its pay-as-you-go pricing model.

The whole process seems to work seamlessly in the background. For example if our credit pack is running low we are automatically alerted. This helps us massively as a business as we do get surges of high usage.

As the provider of an essential call centre tool, PCA Predict is in a league of its own.

Andrew Gilligan, Data and Insight Manager