How increased the number of people that convert through their online sign-up process was founded in 2008 by seven entrepreneurs who shared a passion for food – and a desire to enjoy it at work. A great example of a thriving UK internet business, the company is well aware of the power of online address auto-fill – both to make the sign-up process for customers faster and more successful, and to help ensure packages arrive where they’re supposed to.

The driver for setting up Graze was the fact we couldn’t seem to get decent food at work; everyone’s faced that 3pm slump, when you don’t even know what you’re eating. With co-founder Graham Bosher’s experience of online subscription services (he also set up LoveFilm), establishing a business that sent good, healthy and tasty food through the post seemed to be the obvious answer.

Our biggest business need was to increase the number of people that convert through our online sign-up process. For that, we see using PCA Predict as a bit of a no-brainer. Not only do you increase your conversion rate because the form’s quicker – but, due to the accuracy of the address data, every package is more likely to meet its recipient too. This is especially important seeing as we have a policy of sending replacement packages out if anything loses its way.

The de facto choice for address look-up, second to none

We’d already heard of PCA Predict through Graham, who’d used the service before. He said you were the de facto choice for address look-up, second to none – and that’s exactly how we found it.

Better addresses have helped us grow. We set up the business exactly two years ago today, on 21 April, in Graham’s flat. Now we’re in a warehouse near Heathrow and our staff is over 15-strong and growing fast. We deliver over 50,000 letterbox-sized boxes of food a week. As we’ve grown, our address look-up service has scaled with us, and we haven’t had to worry about it.

PCA Predict is seamless, it’s easy to customise, and using the sample code it took a few seconds to be up and running. Once it was set up, all we’ve had to do is sit back and let you guys get on with it. There’s never a real need to get in touch – and when we do call in, it’s a pleasure. Being able to talk to a real person in the UK makes a big difference.

We’ve been approached by competitors, but we aren’t comfortable moving providers. When fast, accurate addresses are a fundamental part of your business model, you want to be 100% sure the service isn’t going to fail you. PCA Predict gives us that security.

– Edd Read, Co-founder,