Fiat capture clean and accurate address data from customers at the point of entry with postcode lookup

Fiat Auto Financial Services is the financial arm of Fiat Group Automobiles, one of the most successful automotive groups in the world. Fiat has been established for over a century, building its first car in 1899 and has produced approximately 90 million cars and light commercial vehicles since then.

Fiat Consumer Services, which comes under the umbrella of Fiat Auto Financial Services, provides a range of finance options including personal and business financing and credit protection plans for both new and used vehicles. Their website provides a vital portal for consumer visitors and their extensive UK network of dealership operators.

The business need

Capturing clean and accurate address data from Fiat Consumer Services customers at the point of entry plays an important function as information for credit checks and finance agreements is highly sensitive and it’s imperative that correspondence is delivered directly to the addressee.

The functionality of postcode lookup accuracy is equally important to the Fiat Auto Financial Services network of dealership operators, as inputting customer address details can sometimes be done hurriedly in peak times – as well as the usual distractions associated with a busy showroom environment.

Fiat Auto Financial Services chose the PCA Predict web service as their postcode lookup application.

On the few occasions we have had to use PCA Predict’s help desk, our problems have been resolved very quickly.

Why PCA Predict?

  • The fully hosted services means that data is updated automatically
  • The service can be remotely deployed to unlimited users
  • Saves time in not having to load data onto servers
  • Automatic deployment makes it easy to add new web pages for special promotions and offers
  • Applications can be added without having to pay for another licence
  • Access to centrally managed data equals cost savings and increased operational efficiency


  • The retrieval of accurate customer information can be utilised for marketing and after-sales service purposes
  • Cost savings in reducing undelivered mail
  • Customer address details are accurate on point of entry
  • The customers experience a more convenient and quicker online visit
  • Documents can be printed immediately without waiting for address checks to be run centrally
  • Credit checks are immediately corroborated against customers accurate address details allowing them to be processed more swiftly
  • The customer has more confidence that their data is in safe hands
  • It cuts down key strokes and margin for error when dealers are inputting information in a pressurised environment

The bottom line

PCA Predict is fast to deploy and reliable to use. Pieter-Paul Barker, IT Director of Fiat Auto Financial Services commented: “On the few occasions we have had to use PCA Predict’s help desk, our problems have been resolved very quickly.”