Dow Jones use PCA Predict’s technology to capture accurate international address data in Salesforce

Dow Jones is a leading provider of global business news and information services. Its Consumer Media Group publishes The Wall Street Journal, the world’s leading business publication providing relevant and accurate market intelligence.

With a total circulation of more than 2.6 million, The Wall Street Journal online, the electronic offering to the printed version is the largest paid subscription news site on the Web, giving subscribers access to in depth news and financial information 24/7.

The business need

We needed to capture accurate address data for the effective deployment of our customer hub (Salesforce CRM system) for print-based and on-line subscription billing information. With offices in Asia, Europe, North and South America our requirement was for an address validation solution that had the ability to populate addresses over a wide range of international territories and therefore a variety of formats.

PCA Predict are great… we’ve never looked back.

Why PCA Predict?

We had already beta tested a competitor product but it was only effective at a domestic level (only recognising zip codes) and came with hidden costs. We chose PCA Predict’s address look-up, which is deployed in our offices in Asia, Europe, North and South America. We also added some customisations to the workflow rules with ISO codes to enable automatic country recognition and formatting.

The service was really easy to deploy into our customer hub with minimal IT support. It took a little bit of getting used to as it was quite a change for our internal sales people but after a little training we’ve never looked back.


Time and money has been saved as accurate address data is going into our billing system which would otherwise involve the intervention of our sales representatives pulling out the errors and entering the correct data manually. As we have some 30-40 new accounts to process daily, time wasted before PCA Predict’s solution was fairly significant.

The bottom line

PCA Predict are great. The one or two minor installation snags we experienced initially were responded to and fixed immediately by the technical support guys.