Direct2Florist use Capture+ to improve checkout conversion rates for their international ecommerce site

Direct2Florist is a revolutionary service that connects those looking to send flowers, wherever they are in the world to literally any global location. With a network of real florists in countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada and every state in the USA, the company has quickly established itself as an online success story.

We needed a solution that would integrate into Florist Program Manager, our florist specific software, to verify customer addresses. Sending flowers can be a delicate and sensitive process whether it’s a happy or romantic occasion or even a very sad one such as bereavement flowers. It can leave the sender extremely distressed if their order is not successfully received.

The international capability of Capture+ allows our global network of florists to ensure that the delivery process is efficient by mitigating the risk of abortive deliveries. On top of which it allows individual florists to harvest the captured data that’s put into the facility software for localised promotions.

Improved User Experience

The improvements in conversion rates are likely to be 1% to 2% which is very significant, as it more than pays for the cost of the credits we purchase. We currently have a checkout conversion of 79%. Needless to say we were very pleased with our decision to integrate it.

In terms of procurement benchmarks we were looking for technical capability as well as a solution that was competitively priced. The latter was particularly important as Direct2Florist guarantees that 100% of the cost of the flowers is passed on to the chosen florist. This means that the recipient of the flowers i.e. the end customer will receive a bigger, better floral gift.

PCA Predict’s Capture+ fulfilled our pre-set criteria over and above our expectations.

In fact one competitor API solution would have more than doubled the cost had we deployed it. On top of this, Capture+ gave us international capability which is a huge benefit to us as a global business. From a developer perspective the integration of Capture+ from beta testing to launch was achieved in three days which is amazing.

The savings in time and money are incredible when dealing with failed deliveries and reimbursing the actual time of the individual florist.  Even within a few weeks while the service was bedding down, I would estimate we were experiencing a decrease in overall delivery failure and overall problem solving of about 5%. This is very significant when considering the cost savings achieved.

– Simon Sterling, Managing Director, Direct2Florist