Cox Web Design recommend all their clients use address validation

Cox Web Design understands the importance of including postcode lookup when building a viable online business. The Loughborough-based web development studio uses PCA Predict technology in their client websites whenever address look-up is required.

We use PCA Predict’s address validation to speed up the checkout process for our client’s customers. It also helps reduce costly and time-consuming errors for the retailer when customer orders have to be redelivered.

It makes far more sense to get the address right in the first place. It also integrates well with HSBC Global Payments, PayPal, WorldPay and Google Checkout, adding a further stringent layer of verification and protection to the checkout process. It also allows us to capture completely up-to-date data.

Established customers seem quite happy to keep paying for the service. It gives their website customers a good user experience so they’re more likely to retain them.

One such client is TartyBikes, originally established by Loughborough University graduates Adam Read and David Cleaver. The company’s phenomenal success is a textbook case of an online business thriving even in times of global recession. TartyBikes is now the world’s leading online bike trials shop.

With our help, they’ve been able to maximise their website presence and functionality, making it easy for their customers to complete the purchasing process when buying online.

It’s important to get the job right as almost 95% of our business comes by way of referrals. We now get approached by businesses from all parts of Europe and the rest of the world, as far-reaching as Australia.

My developers and I are very impressed with PCA Predict. It’s very satisfying to see the start-ups we work for develop and grow, and postcode validation is certainly a contributing factor when it comes to building a professional and successful online retail business.

Advocates such as Cox Web Design are helping address validation technology become standard practice in the UK, but the culture can be different overseas, where different postal systems have historically made it more difficult to use.

Our next-generation lookup service, Capture+, with its range of datasets and powerful address search, brings the proven benefits of address lookup technology to a global marketplace.”

– David Cox, Director of Cox Web Design