Coriolis Systems Limited Coriolis Systems use PCA Predict’s payment and address validation technology to make the payment processes smooth and straightforward

Coriolis Systems Limited is a limited company formed in 2004, who develop high-quality software for the Apple Mac.

Why PCA Predict?

We wanted to make our payment process as smooth and straightforward as possible. Previously we had been using a third party to capture payment details, and the evidence was that customers were being discouraged from purchasing, especially after the third party payment processor mandated support for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

As a result, we wanted to change the way we took payments so that we captured payment details on our own website. Most websites that take card details provide no help at all for users to enter their billing addresses, and indeed a few actively frustrate data entry by various means. We didn’t want our site to be one of those, and we saw PCA Predict’s unique service as a cost-effective way to allow us to help our customers to quickly enter their payment details with a minimum of fuss.

When we made the new payment system live, our sales shot up by 20%

We first began investigating the possibilities offered by PCA Predict, then Postcode Anywhere, back in 2007. Our new payment system, which includes assisted address entry using PCA Predict’s web services, went live in October 2008 and has been operating continuously ever since.

Integration was surprisingly straightforward; if anything, the hard part was choosing exactly how to talk to the PCA Predict servers, since the list of options is quite extensive (SOAP, XML, vanilla HTTP with CSV results).

The PCA Predict Developer Centre contains numerous tutorials and examples and plenty of documentation that made it very easy to get started. To give some idea of just how easy it is to use, I think the code we use to talk to the PCA Predict web services is, in total, less than 200 lines long.


When we made the new payment system live, our sales shot up by 20% or so, and feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the user experience when purchasing from us is now so good that we’re regularly asked now where we got the software that drives our website.

It’s true to say that the ease with which users can enter their billing details, thanks to PCA Predict’s easy-to-integrate XML-based web service, is a significant factor in this improvement.

In addition to our new payment system, we also use PCA Predict to help VAT-registered European customers provide us with their correct VAT details so that we can set up an account on our site to avoid charging them VAT. In that context, the PCA Predict service has significantly reduced the amount of time wasted trying to get a consistent and correct set of VAT registration details from customers. What in some cases took several round trips now usually takes one or two, as there is a much better chance of customers giving their correct address on the first occasion.

We’ve had a number of customers remark on how good the purchasing experience is on our website, and the ability to look up and fill in their addresses using PCA Predict is certainly a significant part of that. One or two even asked where they could get the software that drives our site.

From the perspective of our staff, the most noticeable change has been the fact that they spend a lot less time checking and re-checking customers’ VAT details, largely as a result of the fact that customers can easily enter their correct addresses using the PCA Predict web service. The result is fewer sets of details rejected by H.M. Revenue & Customs, fewer email turnarounds for the staff concerned, and a great deal less frustration for both staff and customer alike.

The bottom line

We’re extremely pleased with the PCA Predict service. Previously we would have had to purchase a PAF licence from the Post Office, and then somehow obtain similar data from other postal regions around the world, which would have been far too expensive for the relatively modest use that we make of address lookup. PCA Predict’s service, by contrast, makes it an economically viable proposition for a small company like ours to provide our customers with an easier way to enter addresses on our website, thereby improving customers’ impression of our website and at the same time increasing our conversion rate.