Comic Relief maximises charity donations with PCA Predict’s data services

Comic Relief needs no introduction: every other year its mammoth annual comedic fund raising event, Red Nose Day, raises as many smiles as it does pounds for a range of charitable projects. It delivers life-improving change to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

Comic Relief is well-known as a charity – but it’s also a business, and its website plays a crucial part as a promotional portal for members of the public and its stakeholders. Many of their corporate partners also help them with essential resources to enable them to maximise donor/sponsor contributions; PCA Predict offered their services to help do just that.

Comic Relief needed a way to add location data to thousands of fundraising events registered across the UK, through the Artez Interactive-powered online fundraising system at To meet that need, they chose Geocoding from PCA Predict.

This enabled all supporters who registered their event to make their data public by flagging them on a Google Maps’ scalable view of the UK. Visitors to the site could find out what was happening in their vicinity, visit the supporter’s online sponsorship page and sponsor or attend the events they like.

With the help of PCA Predict our fundraising event registration system took on a new lease of life. Brilliant results!

Why PCA Predict?

  • Web-based service means no waiting for CD-ROM downloads, i.e. rapid data capture
  • Software integrates seamlessly with legacy systems
  • Installation takes a fraction of the time compared with CD-ROM solution
  • Excellent and responsive help desk and technical support


  • The signposting of all the events encouraged greater participation and helped each organiser to gather more support and funds
  • It enabled supporters to easily find and attend the events in their area
  • The provision of a link to the supporters online sponsorship page enabled sponsors to make direct contributions
  • It provided extra fun ensuring a good experience for the online visitor and added a usable graphical interface to a large data set

The bottom line

Martin Gill, Head of New Media, Comic Relief said: “With the help of PCA Predict our fundraising event registration system took on a new lease of life, enabling far more people to find which of the 7,500 registered events was near them so they could add their support. The outcome was great feedback from our event organisers and extra revenue for Red Nose Day – brilliant results!”