Coping with customers at brand new addresses with Royal Mail’s ‘Not Yet Built’ data [VIDEO]

We offer Royal Mail’s ‘Not Yet Built’ data as an enhanced dataset, for use in our address validation services. This video explains how your business could benefit from this data:

Across the UK there are thousands of building projects in progress at any one time.

By identifying these, businesses can process orders, arrange for goods to be delivered and services to be connected.

But for all that to be possible, every new property needs a valid address and postcode.

That’s why we have a product called ‘Not Yet Built’.

Working alongside PAF, it provides details of properties that are at the planning and construction stage.

Royal Mail works with every single UK local authority, relying on long-established relationships and processes that allow us to support planning departments in defining street names and
addresses for all new properties, ensuring they are all assigned an official Royal Mail postcode. In fact, Royal Mail assigns over 26 thousand new postcodes every year to over 100 thousand
new residential properties.

These are continually added to our ‘Not Yet Built’ database, enabling forward-thinking organisations to identify potential customers and accept orders, so that products and services can be in
place by the time new owners move in.

And, once it has been confirmed that a property can receive mail, the details are transferred to PAF, ensuring it remains the UK’s most up to date and widely used addressing database.

So, to find out how Royal Mail’s ‘Not Yet Built’ data can add can add even more value to your existing PAF addressing solutions, talk to us today.