CEO Jamie Turner reveals the PCA Predict Roadmap for the year ahead [VIDEO]

Video transcript:

Hi I’m Jamie from PCA Predict and I’d like to tell you some of the new and exciting things we’ve got planned for 2016.

It all starts with the latest version of Capture+, this includes new features like ‘Fuzzy’ (which deals with typos and misspellings), and also Location Biasing which makes the service much
easier and much better to use in countries like the States (where postcodes aren’t commonly used).

But it doesn’t end there, we’ve tried to expand and develop our product portfolio over this year and it all starts with the ‘Tag’ and the ‘App’.

You’ve probably already seen details of the tag, it’s a new way of installing our products and services. But it’s not just about Capture+, it’s a new route in for all of our future products.

It makes installation a breeze, taking no more than 30 seconds for the average website. But it also means that new services, as they come along, and upgrades will be automatically provided for you.

We’ve also developed an app which you’ll start to see in the next few weeks.

The app is a way of you controlling your account but also being notified of interesting activities and improvements as they happen too. The app will provide access to new insight services which will help benchmark you against your peers, in your region and your sector.

That’s really just the start because although at the moment we’re typically used purely on the checkout pages we’ll expand that to others as well giving your new insights into the activity on
your site and also problems, opportunities as they happen so that you can do something about them and improve the experience for you and your customers.