Capture+ in the Real World

In the last post, I showed you some of the cool ways you can customise Capture+ to fit in nicely with the layout and style of your own website. Since then, we have been inundated with requests for examples of brands using Capture+ on their ecommerce site. So here are some of our favourites from out there in the real world:

Watch Shop

One of my favourite examples is from designer watch site “Watch Shop.” You may remember in the last blog post, we mentioned how there are two options; either show the Capture+ control or bind the search function to the fields. We’ve had pretty split opinions on whether it’s best to have a separate address bar at the top of the address form or get the users to use the functionality directly within the existing address fields. There are benefits of both options so the decision really comes down to aesthetics and personal choice rather than usability as both options are pretty intuitive.

The Watch Shop has opted to place theirs above the form, as you can see below:

We have tried to make it is as obvious as possible that the customer needs to enter their address when confronted by the bar at the top, by adding the “Start typing a postcode, street or address” tip. The Watch Shop have gone for this option and gone the extra mile in terms of usability by adding their own detailing around it to make its purpose even clearer.

Hi-Tec Sports

The guys at the Magento-based Hi-Tec site have decided not to do this, allowing their customers to search in any of the address fields, even in the company name. It doesn’t require any prompt as the search will magically happen when the user starts typing. This provides a smart intuitive address form without the need for prompts or unnecessary key stokes. This little bit of magic always seems to impress the customer without fail. Keeping the form clean and simple is the key to flying customers through the checkout process.



Fiat has made their own interpretation on the best way of presenting the functionality to their customers. Similarly to Hi-Tech they have gone with the ‘Bind to the field’ option, however, as you can see from the image they have opted for just the one field. They have also given the search field the cool name of ‘smart address’ for the user to start typing any part of their address. This again reduces the number of fields needed and prevents any confusion that could be caused if every field had the functionality.

If you’re using Capture+ on your site, get in touch! We love hearing your stories – good or bad.