Canadian Visitors enjoy tour of the Guildhall and tea with the Mayor and Mayoress

We are naturally proud of our historic City and even more so as our new Waterside location is so much more central to Worcester’s beating heart and impressive landmarks such as the Cathedral for example.

It’s no wonder that we are taking even more of an interest in our historic surroundings as our new office sits near to the old site of the former Royal Worcester Porcelain factory.

It could be said that those of us who live and work in Worcester may be guilty of taking it for granted.

With so much heritage and so many places of interest to visit, the truth is that often we don’t take time to appreciate exactly what there is right on our own door steps.

This was certainly true when our managing director Guy Mucklow and his wife Maeve spent some time recently when they accompanied visitors Steve and Shirley O’Brien on a visit to the Mayor’s Parlour and a tour of The Guildhall.

Steve heads up the Address Management Unit of Canada Post Corporation and took the opportunity of visiting Postcode Anywhere’s new Waterside premises before he and his wife returned to Canada.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Worcester City Councillor Roger Berry and Mrs Jill Berry courteously opened the parlour doors to our visiting VIP guests.

Contained within the Mayor’s Parlour is a fascinating treasure trove of precious memorabilia given to the City of Worcester over the years from visiting dignitaries as well as antiquities that have been part of our heritage for hundreds of years.

I was also invited to the Mayor’s Parlour and Councillor Berry explained to us that the Guildhall was originally built as a meeting place for Worcester merchants in the early part of the 13th century. It later became the centre for civic administration.

Rebuilt in 1722 by Thomas White, a pupil of Sir Christopher Wren and is a fantastic example of Queen Anne architecture, the Guildhall is a grand imposing building.  According to local history White was badly paid for his efforts and sadly he died in poverty in 1738.

There is a carved figure of Queen Anne over the entrance to the Guildhall, carved by White himself and there are also statues, set in the fabric of the front of the building, of Charles I and Charles II. The gates to the front entrance are also quite ornate and the interior is fantastic with beautifully decorated ceilings and amazing chandeliers in the main banqueting hall.

Steve and Shirley thoroughly enjoyed their grand tour experience and so did Guy and Maeve and Guy said: “It’s been a fantastic experience for all of us and I shall certainly look at the building in a new light now whenever I walk down the High Street.  I particularly wanted to thank the Mayor and Mayoress Councillor Berry and Mrs Berry for extending such warmth and hospitality to our visitors, even more so as they accommodated us all at such short notice.”

One of the highlight’s of the tour was when Steve donned the Mayor’s ceremonial robes and his chain of office which was great fun and presented an amazing photo opportunity.

Steve said: “It was truly an honour to meet the mayor and mayoress, their warmth and hospitality will always be remembered.  Shirley and I were very impressed by the historic significance and majesty of the Guildhall.  It is a must see for any visitor to Worcester and was the highlight of our visit to England.”

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