Building teams and having fun along the way

Postcode Anywhere’s sales, support and marketing team’s recent team building event was an explosive mix of activities that culminated in a fabulous day bearing testament to great team spirit.

The day started at the March Hare Leisure Centre on the outskirts of rural Worcestershire in Broughton Hackett, surrounded by beautiful sprawling countryside.

The first indoor challenge involved four teams Red, Orange, Blue and Green, creating a presentation. The idea behind the task was for everyone to come up with a concept that  summarised Postcode Anywhere’s future growth and exciting company journey.

There were some fantastically creative ideas and stunningly artistic presentations more impressive as there was not a designer in sight. Reminiscent of a Tony Hart inspired generation perhaps?

Among the winning concepts was the Blue team’s inter-galactic theme including the black hole of complacency, Klingons that were Postcode Anywhere competitors and a Star Trekian mantra of boldly going etc. forgive the split infinitive!

The Orange team’s ‘Customer Loveboat’ my personal favourite, had a wonderful nautical theme steering the rudder through the CHI (Customer Happiness Index) tunnel with the crew capturing postcodes along the way. What a competent crew!

Including Postcode Anywhere’s Big Friends, ‘The Vision’ presented by the Green team culminated in a fantastic musical finale enthusiastically performed if not technically accomplished. The Red team’s £100 Million Drop Game Show, was very cleverly executed with new team member Alison Brundell confidently leading the presentation.

All of the presentations were creative and inspiring and judges Emma Stone, Rob Willis and Alex Schofield struggled to find a clear winner so it was magnanimously decided that that Blue and Orange teams deserved joint first place.

A March Hare, an assault course, a field gun and a minefield

After the indoor activities the teams were sent out into the field for a series of gruelling physically and mentally taxing challenges. An activity that included hidden minefields on a giant grid where team members were required to navigate a safe passage to avoid them by working out a mathematical sequence, looked very complex indeed. Yet our teams tackled this competently and without complaint avoiding the threat of blowing themselves up – very admirable.


I think all the teams would agree that the challenge that was punishingly brutal both physically and mentally and required dexterity and agility was the field gun challenge. Teams were required to take a cannon-type gun to pieces, carry the components over a punishing assault course and reassemble it at the other end.

The assault course included a series of tubes and tunnels, ropes and hoops which would have been hard enough to accomplish alone but when carrying heavy components it seemed an impossible challenge.


All the teams embraced the challenge enthusiastically despite casualties. PR Princess Natalie Green was stung by a wasp and a team of medics were dispatched to the field and Natalie was given life saving antiseptic cream applied liberally. Luckily the beast didn’t leave too much of a mark. “Shock horror, I’m wearing a sleeveless dress tonight,” she cried. Everyone seemed to sustain some level of minor injury including bruises, scratches and abrasions. Painful!


After completing all the challenges the teams were dispatched back to HQ for a quick plenary session and the announcement of the results. The Orange team completely nailed the challenges and each member was presented with a rather impressive medal. Well done guys!


After a quick shower and change everyone went to Perdiswell Indoor Bowling Centre for some therapeutic bowling. The star turn here was definitely Steve Roberts (AKA) Twinkle Toes who excelled at the virtual dance game. We didn’t realise you were so talented Steve but apparently before he joined Postcode Anywhere he had secured a place at the Bolshoi Ballet, but declined to take it up as he suffered from an allergic reaction to Lycra and found it impossible to wear tights for prolonged periods. What a pity but their loss our gain!

Finally the evening culminated in a meal at Monsoon a local Indian restaurant where we enjoyed exotic cuisine and a few cheeky beers. We were all exhausted and some of us battle scarred but we enjoyed reflecting on our truly fabulous day.