Bringing Christmas cheer to residents at St. Stephens

After our great success at the Age Concern Christmas lunch, Postcode Anywhere’s group of singing troubadours entertained residents at St. Stephen’s Residential home in Worcester with a repertoire of Christmas songs.

Our performance didn’t go to plan as Jim (our best baritone) got lost on the way to the gig. Alex Bryan, typically led him astray, we think they may have frequented a public house – shock horror! But fortunately Jim’s wife Rowenna, such a lovely girl, and definitely Jim’s better half, added some glamour and musicality to our alto section.

The residents were a little reluctant for us to do an encore but we said we wouldn’t let them have their chocolates and sherry if they didn’t listen to us. After a little bit of resistance and some of them furtively adjusting their hearing devices, we gave an enthusiastic performance of Winter Wonderland.

Everyone joined in with us when we sang White Christmas for our finale by which time Alex and Jim turned up and surreptitiously joined the back of the choir which added another dimension to our performance (Jim has a very powerful, deep voice, although many say he’s just loud).

Our audience was very appreciative. They loved their gifts of chocolates, mince pies and sherry and were very polite about our singing. The question is will they want us to entertain them next year?