Bright Sparks Win Best Use of IT Awards

Great news for Young Enterprise students from The Chase School in Malvern as their company Sparks has won Postcode Anywhere’s ‘Best Use of IT’ award at both area and strategic board levels.

Students from RGS Worcester are presented with Postcode Anywhere’s ‘The Best Use of IT’  award.

Young Enterprise company Sparks created a web-based service designed to help businesses train employees specifically to use Blackberry smartphones. Although when the company first got off the ground in September 2010 they sold a 2011 calendar featuring local scenes of the Malvern Hills in order to fund the development of their main project.

Every year Postcode Anywhere gives two awards and supporting bursaries to students who demonstrate that they have used technology within their Young Enterprise companies. The ‘Best Use of Technology’ awards may be given for the way technology is applied to create an innovative product, or simply used to improve business processes or as a marketing tool, for example.

Again I was fortunate enough to be asked to be part of the judging panel at the South Worcestershire Area Board presentation evening, which was held at Worcester Royal Grammar School at the end of March. It was very apparent that lots of the young achievers (the honorary title given to the students participating in the Young Enterprise company programme) had used technology within their respective businesses.

This year in particular it was noticeable how many young achievers had made full use of the social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their products. However, what gave Sparks the edge over other companies is that they had chosen to create a service which centred on technology. I thought this was very ambitious because the Young Enterprise company programme cycle from start to finish is fairly short (September to May). As we know only too well at Postcode Anywhere developing technology can take time.

Sparks also won Postcode Anywhere’s ‘Best use of Technology’ award at strategic level. I was not able to attend the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Strategic final at the beginning of May, but I did scrutinise all the company reports. Out of the eight finalists, Sparks really stood out. Apart from having a great innovative business service idea some of the new skills and disciplines the young achievers had to get to grips with involved having an understanding of some technically challenging concepts.

The young achievers Sparks received training, delivered by other company members, on webpage development and even HTML, Perl and PHP, which according to our developers are very complex! All in all they more than proved that they are really bright Sparks and well deserved to win both Postcode Anywhere ‘Best use of Technology’ awards.