Boux Avenue: The stars of Christmas

Boux Avenue, a stylish new lingerie brand pioneered by retail magnate Theo Paphitis, was the star performer this Christmas after recording positive like-for-like increases. The privately owned company prides itself on offering a range of affordably irresistible lingerie that is inclusive for everyone irrespective of age, size and style.

With 25 stores in the UK and nine overseas, the firm posted a 32 per cent increase in like-for-like sales for the six weeks ending December 24.

For those customers wishing to buy online, Boux Avenue uses PCA Predict’s address finder technology ensuring that customer orders are delivered on time and to the correct customer address.

This week, we caught up with James Fernie, Boux Avenue‘s Head of Ecommerce, to talk about their success online this Christmas.

Why do you think this year was so successful for you?

With the social media revolution and the rapidity of mediums such as Twitter and Facebook it’s imperative that the customer gets a good user experience when buying online. We do everything to make the purchasing process smooth and seamless and if it isn’t our customers will soon tell us. In fact we encourage them to challenge us, because if an ecommerce retailer doesn’t respond to negative feedback, how is it going to continuously improve user experience?

Which day did you find performed the best this Christmas?

Even with all the media hype over Cyber Monday on the 1st December our usage figures cited a huge increase but not as much as the 28th November i.e. Black Friday. Our usage figures actually tipped the scale on Black Friday which is well documented as being the busiest day of the year for traditional bricks and mortar retailers.

Are Fridays typically your busiest day then?

No, actually Sunday is typically the busiest online day for us. Buying lingerie is a careful process where the purchaser doesn’t want to be hurried particularly and selecting the right size is critical. Quite often we find that customers may try something on in one of our retail outlets and then actually place an order online the next day.

Why did you choose PCA Predict’s address finder?

PCA Predict’s service was deployed before I joined the company but for multi-channel retailers address validation is a must. It speeds up the customer’s ordering process and it improves the quality of address data captured, making it a fail-safe for people buying online particularly when they use mobile devices.

It never fails and the automated top-up emails ensure the continuity of the service as we never run out of credit. PCa Predict’s service works ’like a dream’ in fact.