Band Bewilderment at Dreamforce 13

The Dreamforce 2013 website officially went live a couple of months ago and the buzz around one of the most highly anticipated events of the year is in full swing! Anticipation for another amazing event is also high but there’s one question on everybody’s lips; who’s going to perform at the Dreamforce Gala?

Grassroots and Humble Beginnings

Dreamforce gets bigger and better every year, and Salesforce has raised the bar higher than ever over the past few of years with gala performances from massive names such as The Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder and Metallica.

Salesforce celebrated its 10th Dreamforce last year with a surprise appearance from rap legend MC Hammer and an amazing performance from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. We had to fight to get near the stage but my colleague and I managed to get close, which was totally worth it, even though we lost another colleague in the crowd – don’t worry, we found him safe and sound at the bar a few hours later!

Raising the Bar

After the success of Dreamforce 2012, Salesforce are pulling out all the stops for this year’s Gala – firstly by moving it to a dedicated venue, the AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. If moving the Gala to a much larger arena isn’t a big enough statement, the word on the grape vine is that Marc Benioff may have secured The Rolling Stones as this year’s band! Of course with no official announcement from Salesforce this is still very much speculation, but whoever they choose, it’s got to be another big name.

Personally, I would love to see Radiohead at Dreamforce this year, so I open the question to the 123,000 estimated attendees for Dreamforce 2013:

Who would you like to see perform at this year’s Dreamforce Gala?

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  • Marcelle Braithwaite

    Wow, imagine if that was true!

  • Eric Johnston


  • Daniel Grossberg

    I would love to see Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington take this one.

  • Jorge Biesczad Jr.

    Cant wait!

  • Catherine Stevenson (Meyer)

    Carlos Santana, Marsha Ball (Austin, Tx), Eric Clapton

  • Shawn Contreras

    Bon Jovi w/Ritchie Sambora

  • Jim Daviner

    Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins & Blake Shelton… & open with The Swon Brothers & Danielle Bradbery

  • Iqbal . Khowaja

    Black Eyed Peas!

  • Deanna Simpson

    The Black Keys and Santana. That would be worth freezing in the park for!

  • Elly Bockley

    It would be awesome to see the Stones!!

  • Peter McManus

    I think should go all out to get Spinal Tap to play…. Awesome….

  • Brendan Conroy

    Stones should be awesome. If I had to pick for this kind of event, I’d like to see Coldplay

  • Rob Willis

    Go on SF, make it a UK band, us Brits know how to rock!! Muse gets my vote.

  • Lee Wright

    Green Day, U2, Pearl Jam, BEP, Bon Jovi. I guess we will watch Skeletor and his minions. Seriously if the Stones play they are 3x times older that half the crowd.

  • Oliver Ballreich

    I would love to see a reunion of REM

  • Chris Bradley

    I’d love to see Volbeat again…saw them at Rockfest in KC a couple times they can put on a show! Or if they really want to surprise me. Ozzy would be awesome!

  • Rob Willis

    Green Day announced for #DF13. It’s official: