An introduction to email validation [VIDEO]


Emails are one of the most effective ways of keeping in touch with your customers, but only if your message arrives in their inbox!

Our research shows that more than 17% of email addresses collected contain some sort of error or typo.

Sometimes it was an honest mistake, but over 50% of consumers admitted to giving fake email addresses when brands ask for them!

…either way, emailing bad addresses not only wastes your time but can do serious damage to your brand.

Avoid bogus registrations and increase delivery rates for your messages with email verification from PCA Predict.

Going beyond checking if an email address looks right, our service checks if the address really exists and can receive incoming mail.

By verifying email addresses in real-time, we can detect if it is valid or not right at the point of entry. We can even let your customer know so they get a chance to fix it before they send it to you.

It’s easy to set up, just copy & paste our code onto your form and choose the fields you like us to verify, or clean up your old email lists in one go. Perfect for websites, ePos and CRM systems.

Eradicate bounces, maintain your sender reputation and get better results from your email campaigns by sending your messages to the right person.

Sign up online and try PCA Predict email verification today.