AddressBase data – could it help your business to make better decisions? [VIDEO]

In this video we take a look inside AddressBase to uncover data that can deliver value to all kinds of business users for marketing, growth and planning.

Video transcript:

PCA Predict work closely with Ordnance Survey to offer you a range of AddressBase products, so you can make decisions based on intelligent data.

Discover the exact location, history and purpose of a property with unique property reference numbers for every single property in Great Britain.

Linking your data with AddressBase can significantly improve business processes and deliver deeper customer insights.

Many businesses can benefit from AddressBase data – utilities, finance, telecoms, emergency services… AddressBase gives you the power to identify sales and marketing opportunities, monitor trends, manage risks, plan infrastructure changes and deliver a superior service to your customers.

For example, if a building is divided into flats, you will need to know about all the households within, to plan for the supply of utilities or telecoms.

Any property type can be identified; from residential to business, halls to churches – AddressBase has it all, even details of other features like pylons, postboxes or fences.

AddressBase allows you to overlay data from the environment agency too, revealing vulnerable properties, at risk from major infrastructure changes or flooding – perfect for insurance decisions.

You can even determine the size of infrastructure work needed, based on likely population growth.

Financial teams can successfully identify fraud patterns, or view concentrated areas of mortgaged properties.

And your marketing or sales team can maximise ROI by targeting properties that meet specific criteria, perhaps within certain postcode areas.

Make smarter businesses decisions – based on the most intelligent addressing data available for Great Britain, with AddressBase from PCA Predict.