Children in Need 2010

If you’ve seen our Twitter feed recently, you may have noticed that we’ve gone all Pudsey. (If you want to show your support for Children in Need, you can do something similar to your Twitter or Facebook profile if you have a Paypal account, £1 spare, and access to

It’s a great privilege to be helping Children in Need this year, and thankfully we’re now in a position to help the charity a bit more. We will be providing our UK address auto-fill services for free  to call centre operators on the night. By giving them access to our up-to-date Postcode Address File (PAF®) web services, we expect to dramatically speed up the processing of donations. Hopefully, the bottom line will simply be more money raised for the charity.

Of course, this is exactly the kind of application where web (or rather cloud) services have maximum impact; they are easy to implement, scalable, and can be switched on or off when you need them.  It’s great that we’re able to help Children in Need out in such a tangible way.

It’s probably worth pointing out at this point that Postcode Anywhere typically offers a 10% discount on sales to all not-for-profit organisations. And if you need to use Royal Mail PAF®, because our systems enable you to optimise your data licensing,  we can help make your funds go as far as possible. Call us if you feel we can help.