Address Capture Plus More

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking a lot about our brand new addressing tool Capture+. If you’re still sat there scratching your head, checkout this short video on our YouTube page, which explains the benefits of upgrading and how you can get started.

This week, hold onto your hats as we are going to go into a bit more detail on how to get the most out of this service and how you can customise it to suit your own website.

First of all, there are two options to choose from with regards to mapping the search functionality to the form on your page. The search control can be placed at the top of the address fields to allow a clear area to start searching for your address. Or, if you prefer, you can bind the search to all of your address fields and as if by magic it will intuitively auto-fill the address as the customer starts to type. Reading the customers mind is always an impressive party trick!

The flexibility of Capture+ allows you to take advantage of all our services in order to optimise the use of accurately captured address data. By using our JavaScript call back functions, you can seamlessly flow from a captured address into another service in real time. For instance, combining the address lookup with our geocoding service after the postcode has been validated can assist with calculating delivery distances and the cost to your customers. Similarly using customer profiling in conjunction can give you a great deal of market intelligence on a geographical level. This can improve the quality and detail of your customer profile database rather than just storing the address to use in marketing campaigns. Without sounding like a cliché – the possibilities are endless.

As ecommerce specialists, we understand that the look and feel of your website is vital for making the right impression. Capture+ is customisable to fit the style of your page. As websites are never in just plain black and white we have provided you with the option to change the colour to whatever you like. It uses hexadecimal colour codes so literally any colour is possible.


Maybe more importantly, the font and size should match. We’ve also adapted that to make it editable to any font style simply  by adding the font name in the code. As long as you don’t make the dreaded design error of using Comic Sans you’ll be on to a winner! Consistency throughout the website reinforces a professional apperance.

Over the next few blog posts we will be highlighting some of the best live integrations of Capture+.