A Fresh Outlook for Online Retailers

This week, my colleague Neil and I were lucky enough to be invited by our friends at PushON to present at their seminar which was focused around maximising conversion rates in ecommerce. We’ve worked closely with PushON over the last few months as well as many other Magento Solution Partners with the launch of our Capture+ app, so naturally we jumped at the opportunity to meet up with them and many members of the Magento community.

As I’ve come to expect from my experience with previous Magento-focused events, the venue was rather funky, The Hive in Manchester, and was packed with the usual youthful Magento crowd. It was a great opportunity to catch-up with some of the regular faces as well as many new ones who were on their first steps on the ecommerce ladder and eager to know how they could maximise their chances of success. If you have been reading any of our blogs over the last few weeks you’ll probably be aware that many of them were focused around the rather depressing subject of our biggest High Street brands succumbing as the credit crunch continues to take its toll on the UK economy. So it was refreshing to see many new brands looking to take advantage of the closing of so many High Street stores.


The talks given by PushON, Sage Pay, Magento, Bench and ourselves focused on the whole ecommerce process and gave away some insightful tips for optimising online stores.
The key takeaways for me were:

1. Initially attracting those customers to your website through lots of research into SEO and paid advertising.

2. Once they have made it to your site you need to make it easy for them to find what they want by optimising the navigation systems and layouts to work across all devices, not just your desktops.

3. Filling customers with belief in your site by reassuring them at every opportunity with secure and accreditation logos.

4. Once they have selected their products and trust you enough to check out, make it as simple as possible for them to do this (which is where we made our pitch for Capture+) and multiple payment options.

5. Finally, and something not to be overlooked is to make sure post purchase experience is a good one so they comeback. In the end, it may be your service, not the product or website itself that prescribes whether or not you retain your customers.

Encouragingly many questions were fired back and feedback given from the audience after each of the talks. Everyone bounced ideas off each other which is something you don’t tend to get at some of the more formal events. All in all a great event and I returned to the office with a notepad full of new ideas and contacts who we look forward to working with in the future.


Thanks PushON!

  • We had so much positive feedback from the event. Everyone was really well received. Thanks for your help and your wisdom.

    • Thanks Simon,

      We thoroughly enjoyed the event and got a lot out of it. We look forward to doing more with you guys in the future!