50 Shades of Graze

The one downside of working as the managing director of Postcode Anywhere is that I don’t always have the time to eat properly, and being based in the sticks we’re not exactly inundated with choice either. So when I first heard about Graze.com, a website that delivers health snacks and treats straight to the office I was rather intrigued.

The company’s ethos is based on providing a range of quality food that promote good health: whether by way of increased energy, immunity, weight loss, or simply to add some variety to your daily diet.

The site offers “a wide range of fresh fruit, delicious nuts, seeds & dried fruits, tasty crackers and olives, as well as some well-deserved natural treats”. There is everything from fresh pineapple to dark chocolate buttons and everything in between. The selection is increasingly varied, if sometimes a little on the strange side. But one thing’s for sure, if I ever order their flapjacks they never seem to be in the office for very long!

A Tale of Two Sites

The business was set up by the guys at LoveFilm.com – and you can tell, compare the four step ‘how it works guide’ to the one on LoveFilm and you’ll see what I mean. It’s clear they have taken everything they’ve learnt from LoveFilm and applied it directly to the usability to this site. And that’s definitely not a bad thing!




Graze Anatomy

The site is an absolute joy to use. It’s laid out in a logical way with usability clearly kept in mind. A first look at the site gives a pretty good impression and immediately tells you what the brand stands for. The use of imagery and colour carries the organic and natural concept well, and the simple and clear web design supports the messages Graze are trying to project.

The product pages on this site are excellent, with some great features that showcase the mouth-watering products very effectively. It also prominently advertises its promotions, a great way to entice customers in quickly.

The sign-up process is simple. All forms are well designed; you only have to type your password once and Graze is careful not to ask for too many details. Customers can feel that their privacy is being invaded when they are required to submit seemingly unnecessary personal information.

In general, users are more likely to forget their password than their username, so using an email address is a great way to encourage return visitors. The importance of a well-designed sign up process is huge; if your website does not make it easy visitors will simply not register.

The Graze Craze

Graze also uses address validation to further speed up the registration process. Rather than having to manually type out an address, users can simply enter their postcode and select from a drop down list of addresses. The address finder actually serves two main purposes for Graze; not only does it make the whole process painless for their customers, but from a fulfilment point of view it ensures that the boxes will be sent to the right address.

 The fact that it’s the company’s policy to send replacement packages if anything gets lost, makes this process even more important to get right. For this reason, Graze also uses a pop up box to confirm the details.

Confirmation is an absolute necessity – not only does it reassure shoppers, it saves you time by reducing the numbers of queries you get from confused customers. If those hungry customers don’t have their nuts in time for the 3pm slump, it’s Graze they’re going to blame – not themselves!

Food for Thought

Once you’ve created an account you are asked to go through all the different products and rank how much you like (or think you will like) them as this will determine the frequency in which you receive certain products as they try and make the boxes a surprise each time you receive them, however you can request specific items if you prefer.

The boxes are shipped via Royal Mail priority mail, which means they should arrive the day after it is shipped. Between the team here at Postcode Anywhere, we have ordered a fair few and they have always arrived on time and in pristine condition.

All in all, we’ve found Graze to feature a good end-to-end experience. We’ve been using the service for quite a few years now, and I’m forever turning our new recruits into fellow Grazers!

  • I’m a big graze fan and agree that the site is really great to use to the point where the whole operation is so slick that you can’t help spending money! If anyone needs a model on how to join up an e-commerce site with probably the most effective email campaign around (at the moment) this is it. The only surprise is that Guy hasn’t used his voucher codes in the review!

    • So, in the spirit of giving here is a code for you to try a box free: 19YYNVY (of course, I stand to gain Graze credit from this!)