5 quick wins for preparing your ecommerce store for Black Friday

While retailers welcome the uplift in revenue that comes with Black Friday, the day can often fill even the greatest ecommerce managers with fear. However, by ensuring you’re armed with the right tools, both you and your customers will be able to enjoy the peak trading period. Here are 5 easy ways for you to prepare your ecommerce store for Black Friday.

1. Discover why shoppers are abandoning the cart

With the average cart abandonment rate at a whopping 69.23%, it is vital for ecommerce businesses to make the necessary changes in order to see more conversions.

A great way to understand why shoppers are leaving their baskets behind is abandonment surveys. Companies like SaleCycle help online retailers get a clearer understanding of what areas they need to work on to enhance their ecommerce store.

2. Provide a personalised experience

With ever-changing consumer behaviour, it’s essential to make sure your site is catering as much as possible to individual shopper needs. By doing so, you will have engaged and loyal customers.

This type of experience can be helped by tools from companies such as Nosto, who are able to analyse shoppers’ likes, dislikes and online behaviour. This means that retailers are then able to target the right items to the right shoppers.

3. Reward loyal customers

Rewarding customers who have shown loyalty to your brand is a must, and rewards programs are a great way of saying thank you and making sure they come back.

A nice example is Smile.io, whose reward programme allows ecommerce businesses to improve UX across a variety of devices. It also enables the ability to integrate with a range of popular platforms.

4. Use type-ahead

During the Black Friday rush, shopper stress levels can be high. By making your ecommerce checkout as smooth-sailing as possible, you’ll have more chance of converting a site visitor to a purchaser. One way of reducing stress in the checkout is by implementing a type-ahead address validation tool.

PCA Predict’s address validation makes online forms a more stress-free place, keeping shoppers focused on completing the checkout. Not only does it reduce the amount of typing required by the customer, but it also ensures that the address data you capture is valid and accurate, meaning a reduction in failed deliveries and an increase in happy customers.

5. Integrate everything into one place

Another great way of ensuring that you’re ahead of the Black Friday game is by integrating all of your POS, CRM and purchasing into one place. This will mean an easier way to manage your ecommerce store and a better customer experience.

Retail ERP platforms such as Brightpearl help guarantee you have more time to provide a great service, keeping all your integrations under one roof and making them easier to view and manage.

Black Friday is almost here – but it isn’t too late

Yes, Black Friday is coming up very soon, but by implementing the right tools now, you’ll see a noticeable difference to your customer experience – and your conversions.

Want to know more about preparing your site for the peak trading period? We’ve got it covered.