5 ecommerce tools to help you prepare for the peak trading period

There are so many issues that can trip online retailers up around the festive season, so waiting to fix unresolved problems until the last minute is a huge mistake. Especially when we consider that 26% of UK consumers begin their search for the perfect Christmas gift as early as August. In order to make sure your ecommerce site is at its very best, now is the time to make all important changes and get ready for the peak trading period.  

By implementing the following 5 ecommerce tools, you’ll have a better chance of creating a great customer experience as well as optimising your ecommerce site’s performance and improving conversions. 

 1. Get personal 

Providing a tailored, personalised experience is a great way of engaging shoppers and gaining a trusting, loyal customer base. However, in order to do this, it is necessary to have a flexible and responsive platform.  

Using a tool such as Nosto‘s allows retailers to carry out tailored marketing campaigns by analysing customer behaviour and discovering their likes and dislikes. Happy customers lead to more purchases, so making sure you’re targeting the right products at the right people will set you on the right tracks to higher conversion rates. 

 2. Reward loyal customers 

Rewards programs are a brilliant way of saying a big thank you to customers who keep coming back to your online store. Not only is this a good way of showing appreciation, but it is also a great retention tool that leads to increased conversions.  

A great place to start is Smile.io‘s reward program. Used by 15,000 retailers worldwide, their tool allows online businesses to provide a great experience across mobile and desktop and integrates with a wide range of ecommerce platforms. 

 3. Use an effective address validation 

Cart abandonment is a huge issue for online retailers, and according to Baymard Institute, a third of people abandon due to long or complicated checkout process, so it pays to tackle the issue head on. A great way of optimising the checkout and reducing the amount of time and effort required of customers is to use a type-ahead address validation tool.  

PCA Predict’s Capture+ technology allows shoppers to fill out address form fields quickly and easily. Not only does it reduce the amount of typing required on the customer’s behalf, but it also ensures that only accurate address data is captured.  

 4. Discover why customers are abandoning  

According to Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.23% – a worrying figure for online retailers. Abandonment surveys are a great way to find out where you can make improvements to your online store and reduce cart abandonment.  

Companies such as SaleCycle create abandonment surveys which help to increase conversion rates and recover abandoned sales by tracking visitors’ behaviour. Retailers are then able to use the findings from these surveys to make relevant changes to their websites. This is a powerful tool that can help retailers get a much better understanding of their customer base.  

 5. Manage everything in one place 

Creating a seamless consumer experience is one of the most challenging issues for online retailers. For this reason, it’s vital to integrate everything into one single place to avoid friction and ensure successful ecommerce management. 

Tools such as Brightpearl‘s inventory management software allow online retailers to view and manage inventory levels across channels in a single system. It also enables the consolidation of purchasing, POS, financials and CRM all in the same cloud-based system. 

Preparing an ecommerce store for the Christmas rush is essential for all online retailers, but the information above should help shed some light on how, with the right tools, your ecommerce site can convert over the festive period and beyond. The sooner you begin making changes, the more benefits you’ll see. 

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