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3 top tips for perfecting the customer journey

If you didn’t manage to catch PCA Predict’s webinar Perfecting the end to end customer journey, don’t worry, you can watch it now.  In the meantime though, here’s a summary of giffgaff’s, Salecycle’s and PCA Predict’s top tips for perfecting the end to end customer journey…

Over the past 12 months, it has become clear that retailers need to focus their attention on three particular areas: delivery, optimisation and reducing cognitive load. Let’s take a look at how retailers can improve these areas.


The recent increase in delivery options, such as next day delivery – and even same day – has also led to heightened customer expectations. These options offer great convenience for shoppers who want their new item now (or at most, tomorrow).

While click and collect is still an important option, with 18% of shoppers choosing to pick up items instore, according to Salecycle’s Graham Charlton, over half of online consumers now prefer next day delivery, and the number of people who prefer same day delivery is now at 12%. This shows a growing trend towards getting a purchase delivered at a time that’s more convenient to  the shopper, to a place that best suits them.

According to Graham, providing a range of delivery options that are easy for the customer to select, and offering free delivery options is vital if retailers want to stay ahead.


Now more than ever, it is vital to ensure your retail site is optimised, regardless of device. A common error is treating optimisation as something you do at the end, but, ultimately, your customers expect a great experience when they enter your site, and if they don’t get this, they will leave and go to a competitor.

Giffgaff’s Riaz Ali explains that, all the tests you run, the data you gather and the insights you collect can be reused over and over again. If your retail company is working on a huge new project, don’t forget any previous information that can help you get off to the best possible start. For example, content that has worked effectively in the past or a test result that highlighted a great area to place something on your homepage for maximum exposure – this all plays a huge part in optimising your retail site.

Reducing cognitive load

When shoppers visit a retail site, they can often become overwhelmed with the amount of information on the page, and the complicated processes that are required of them.

To combat this, PCA Predict’s very own Chris Boaz recommends ensuring forms are short, familiar and intuitive so as not to overload the shopper with unnecessary information in the checkout. As well as this, using progress indicators is a great way for shoppers to see which stage of the checkout process they have reached, and how much further they have to go.

And, of course, we recommend implementing type-ahead address validation. While manual address entry is cumbersome and boring, type-ahead acts like a search engine, reducing the amount of typing required of the user. An address can then effectively be selected after just a few keystrokes, minimising the amount of effort on the customer’s part. Not only does this reduce cognitive load, but also ensures that the address data you capture is clean and accurate.

The key to perfecting the end to end customer journey is making the customer experience as easy and convenient for your shoppers as possible. Focusing on delivery, optimisation and reducing cognitive load is a great place to start, and should ensure your happy customers come back time and time again.  

Watch Perfecting the end to end customer journey in full now to learn more.