11 People you Need to Follow on Twitter

In just seven years, Twitter has become a life-support system for anyone seeking news, humour, advice, or just a shot of web weirdness!

But figuring out exactly who to follow is no walk in the park. After consulting with the guys in the Postcode Anywhere office as well as with our own followers, we’ve compiled a list of THE people in the industry you need to be following. These are the people whose tweets have value, link to articles we actually like to read, and generally educate us. Others are just purely entertaining!

Gurd1-screenDon’t be deterred by his bio, Neil Patel shares some great insights into usability and ecommerce and he is also the co-founder of both KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg. So I guess he is probably right, he is ‘kind of a big deal’.

Gurd1-screenNeil Patel’s partner in crime, Hiten Shah is the co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg.

Gurd1-screenSeth Godin of Squiddo.com uses Twitter to share his blogs and opinions on the future of online businesses and social media.

Gurd1-screenThis is from the CEO of Mashable.com, Pete Cashmore, with the latest digital, tech and social media news and analysis from Mashable.com.

Gurd1-screenPCA guest blogger, owner of Digital Juggler and all-round legend, James Gurd is almost definitely one to watch out for.

Gurd1-screenBenjamin Dyer is the CEO of ecommerce shopping cart software SellerDeck.

Gurd1-screenNot to be confused with the television presenter, Jonathan Ross gives great advice on conversion optimisation and best practice.

Gurd1-screenJames Hart’s the Director of the UK’s largest online-only fashion site ASOS.

Gurd1-screenGraham Charlton is the editor at @econsultancy and blogs about anything and everything to do with ecommerce, mobile commerce and email marketing.

Gurd1-screenWill Dymott is the ecommerce Director at Lyle & Scott – He’s highly experienced, well connected and has worked with many major retail brands.

Gurd1-screenThis is Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s feed. He gives insightful advice, answers questions, handles customer service and posts personal and professional news about himself and Zappos.

Have opinions on our list? Let us know below… Don’t forget our co-founders are also on Twitter. So here are two bonus ones!

Gurd1-screenCEO of Postcode Anywhere Guy often shares his opinions on topics in the industry.

Gurd1-screenCTO of Postcode Anywhere Jamie Turner is new to Twitter so go easy on him!