10 billion lookups and counting

Back in 2001, PCA Predict (a GBG company) opened its digital doors, providing innovative address verification technology. After 17 years of continuous development and with over 11,000 customers, we’re super proud to say that for the first time ever, we have just passed 10 billion verifications in a single year.

So, what exactly does this mean? Over the past 12 months, through our data verification technology, PCA Predict has served over 10 billion lookups in the form of either postcode/ ZIP code, address, phone and email.

What an achievement – a huge testament to our people, who day after day dedicate their time to ensuring customers succeed.

Loyalty from the start

With over 11,000 customers globally, someone had to be first.

The first customer to sign up back in 2001 was Printerland. Quickly followed by Sure Communication, Simply Health, Unicef, Sheffield Hallam University, The Glee Club, Virgin Holidays, Pret a Manger, Boden, Sweaty Betty and Manchester United among many more.

So, a huge thank you to every single one of our customers, spread all over the world, across many sectors, and especially the ones who have been with us for so long!

The 10 billionth lookup took place today (19/03/2018) at 14:43, and was an address lookup for an ASOS purchase in Hessen, Germany.

Year on year growth

To give you an idea of just how much things have changed since we started out, here’s a graph to show the increase in lookups year on year.


The power of 10

In 2001, we processed 3,000 lookups. This number changed dramatically over the years to follow. Here are some of the key figures we have seen since we started out.

  • In 2002, PCA Predict reached 100,000 lookups
  • In 2003, as the company grew, we climbed to 1 million lookups; 10 times the amount from the previous year
  • FY 2008, the number of lookups rose to an enormous 100 million
  • FY 2011, 10 years after starting out, PCA Predict served up 1 billion lookups
  • FY 2017, we hit the 10 billion lookup mark

Defining moments

So, what caused some of the biggest peaks in lookups? The increased importance of data quality is the fundamental reason for the growth.Ensuring customer data is accurate and verified continues to be a crucial component to success.

Below is a snapshot of history over the past 6 years:

  • 2012 – PCA Predict’s autocomplete address finder Capture+ is released
  • 2016 – Fuzzy matching revolutionises the way users search an address, ensuring that clean and accurate data is captured even when typos are entered
  • 2017 – Launched in USA, with many more businesses choosing to use PCA Predict address verification

What this means for our customers

Even more fantastic innovation. With the best technology, global data and people, we’ll continue to provide best-in-class solutions.