The Dash to frictionless ecommerce

The Internet of Things has long been considered the holy grail of retailing – but Amazon has  finally made it a reality through the arrival of the Dash Button and related replenishment services for connected devices.

Amazon’s customers can now restock household commodities like toilet rolls and pet supplies at the touch of a button. The Dash buttons are thumb-sized Wi-Fi enabled gadgets that can be placed around the house. When the button is pressed Amazon will charge the customer and within 24 hours a package will arrive at the door.

While Dash may appear gimmicky, it does have the potential to completely transform the way we shop online and could be capable of creating real value for its customers.

Like all things of this nature there are inevitably some privacy concerns. With the oceans of data these systems collect, marketers will be able to dig ever more deeply into our decision-making processes. However, if the doubling sales orders in the States over the past few months are anything to go by, we can see that customers are willing to barter with their data for the sake of an improved, personalised experience. By understanding the shopping habits of brands’ most loyal customers, the quest of being able to seamlessly cater for a customer’s every need could be in sight.

Amazon aren’t afraid to push the boundaries and have once again capitalised on the instant gratification and convenience that is now so important in online retail. First with Prime and One-Click and now through Dash. It’s also a testament to the fact that Amazon believe shoppers main driver is convenience. What we can take from this is that the modern day, time-crunched consumer expects to find the services, products and information they want quickly and easily.

Today, customers expect a frictionless buying experience and retailers need to provide a checkout experience that will keep customers coming back. Customers expect consistency, convenience and personalised experiences, and retailers who can deliver such experiences will ultimately win the war for customer loyalty.

Will you be decorating your house with Dash buttons? Let us know below.