What is ‘Multiple Residence’ data and what’s in it for me? [VIDEO]

We offer Royal Mail’s ‘Multiple Residence’ data as an enhanced dataset, for use in our address validation services – but exactly what is it and how can this data benefit your business? This video explains all:

The Postcode Address File (or ‘PAF’) enables the delivery of mail to millions of addresses across the UK, so maintaining its accuracy is vital.

This can be a challenge, with new developments popping up all the time and particularly as many properties are sub-divided into flats yet share a single letter box – making it hard to know how many households are at each address.

That’s why we have a product called ‘multiple residence’.

Working alongside PAF, it allows customers to select their household, helping organisations to identify individual households that share a front door, enabling letters and parcels to be delivered correctly and be picked up by the intended recipient – reducing the chances of mail being lost or landing in the wrong hands.
Meaning you spend less time handling complaints and resending mail and spend less on refunding customers.

Just as important, by identifying an address as a multiple residence you can choose to send important items by the most suitable delivery option, such as ‘signed for’ or ‘special delivery’, whether that’s contract documents, bank cards or parcels.

It means more mail can get to the right household first time, keeping customers happy and making them more likely to buy from you again.

Multiple Residence holds over 700 thousand records. By working seamlessly with PAF it makes it easy to use and integrate into your existing systems.

So, to find out how Royal Mail’s multiple residence data can add even more value to your existing PAF addressing solutions, talk to us today.