Introducing URL Restrictions on the PCA Predict service platform

Today we are launching a new feature in our tag platform. URL restrictions will allow users to limit the pages on which individual service modules (addressing, email etc) will load.


Previously services have been limited by the fields to which they are mapped, if those fields exist on the page the service modules will be loaded and the services added to the page. This has worked really well to create a fluid and streamlined approach to adding PCA Predict services.

There are, however, certain situations in which URL restrictions might be required or useful as well. For example, if you had more than one web page that had the same form fields you would only need to map your fields once and they would load on both of these forms. However, you may want to report on the usage of these separately. Up until now this functionality has only been available by implementing certain javascript callbacks. With the introduction of URL restrictions you will be able to create multiple services with similar mappings and have only a subset of these load on a particular page.

One important thing to note is that these URL restrictions are not a replacement for the URL limiters found under the security tab in your accounts license page. The new URL restrictions are implemented client side and represent a convenient way to select which services load on which pages. If you want to impose a hard limit on services according to the referral URL of the request you should still implement URL limits under the security tab on your key page.


If you do have any questions about setting up PCA Predict’s services, our support team will be happy to help. Happy coding!