End of the road for Titswobble

Let’s face it we’ve all taken a wrong turn down a Curly Dick Road or a Jimcumbilly Lane. The land down under has had a long tradition in strange street names but could it finally be the end of the road?

According to the Australian Geographical Names Board (GNB) some of the names are going a bit too far.

There is some sense behind the madness and it’s not just been left to a committee of teenage boys. Places such as Titswobble Road at Tuncurry is named after the effect of its bumpy terrain. Curly Dick Road at Meadow Flat is a historical name that has been in place for more than a century. These speak-as-I-find descriptive street names are found all over the country yet the GNB are deeming them too offensive for everyday use.

The rules for naming streets are set to tighten, restricting names that are confusing, too commercial, hard to pronounce or likely to offend. But who does it actually offend you may ask? After all, who doesn’t enjoy having their photo taken next to an amusing sign to upload to Facebook or show to friends down the pub?

As mentioned it’s not just the potentially offensive names that are under threat, hard to pronounce tongue twisters will also come under scrutiny. Flannel Flower Fairway at Shoal Bay, for example, could be deemed too much of a mouthful while Qantas Boulevard at Liverpool clearly promotes a business.

These changes are all trying to make it easier for the Australian citizens but local residents are set against any proposed alterations to existing names.

The rivalry is high between the Aussies and the Brits with the buzz of the Ashes all around us at the moment. One thing we are certain of winning is the title of the most confusing, hard to pronounce place name. Welsh village Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch has become famous because of its record-long name. So big mouthfuls can mean big business, this particular village has created an entire tourist industry based solely around the length of their sign at the railway station. A photo opportunity that could fit the entire Waltons family underneath.

Let’s show off our famous British sense of humour and out do the Aussies. Upload your best photos of amusing place names to our Facebook or Twitter page and we will showcase them on the blog next week.