Ecommerce – it’s not the thought that counts

At least not if you’re the retailer.

No matter how you feel about Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day or any other greeting card fiesta, we’re inevitably wooed by the joy of giving – a way to show care for our loved ones throughout the calendar. Each time a gift giving occasion comes around, a small shopping frenzy occurs.

So what happens when a retailer lets down its customers on these special occasions? Time spent researching the perfect present online and navigating the checkout only to fail at the final hurdle because of an address lookup error, a delayed or failed delivery.

On Valentine’s Day this year, I spotted perhaps the saddest tweet that revealed how a negative online experience can impact the customer (and his girlfriend):

Tweet from an customer whose order failed due to address lookup

For Chelsea it was the thought that counted and she can feel warm and fuzzy that Mike really wanted to send her some flowers. But for that retailer, the moment is lost, the order was not completed, they won’t have Mike’s details and it’s unlikely he or Chelsea will attempt to shop with them again.

On the occasions that count it’s even more important to remove friction from your online checkout and create a positive experience for every customer. Capturing an accurate address at the point of order is crucial in making sure orders arrive at the right place, in time for the occasion. As orders are often being sent to friends and family, having a smart address lookup tool can be a real lifesaver for your cart abandonment rate when the person ordering doesn’t know the postcode or full address.

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